Leadership Principles

Leadership Principles

We use our leadership principles in every aspect of our business. Our team shares in a movement we call “The Ripple Effect”. Every team member understands that our mark on the world is bigger than just us.

The Ripple Effect

Every person on staff has been empowered to make their own decisions. We understand the power of making a decision is very important.

We craft every decision with careful consideration for the company first. This ensures that the company is strong and can provide for our amazing staff to carry out their roles and responsibilities in an efficient manner while empowering them to perform their work in a safe environment.

Our staff feels compelled to carry out our mission, so they serve our clients with an extraordinary commitment to excellence.

We created this movement to affect everyone we come in contact with in a positive manner embracing kindness, integrity and professionalism.




To create, build and nurture professional relationships and assist growing businesses by delivering a roadmap with built-in systems and processes that will provide for a clear and concise future while instilling confidence throughout the hiring process and beyond.


Bottleneck Virtual Assistants identifies, hires and cultivates team members through an efficient and systematic approach. This awards ambitious leaders the opportunity and time for professional growth.

Core Values

Exceptional Character

To the extent and/or degree with which relationships thrive on are dictated by authentic, real, honest and integral conversations based on a mutual acceptance of expectations.

Unbridled Creativity

We practice unbridled, unabashed creativity. It has the power to influence cultures, paradigm shifts and movements. Creativity drives us.

Habitual Strategy

We view business as an ongoing chess game. We are long-term players and strategic thinkers, driven to master the game with integrity and excellence.

Insatiable Passion

We are driven by our passion. It fuels everything we do. It keeps us going when the odds are against us. It transforms our work into art.


“People won’t always remember what we say or do, but they will always remember how we made them feel”

– Maya Angelou


We view the world through the lenses of a systematic approach to business growth. This ensures a higher success rate during the hiring process.

We embrace growth through transparency and efficiency. Integrity and good ethical values drive sound judgment. Internal communication is paramount to external appreciation. The most important people involved in this business is the internal staff.

Confidence is about understanding and knowledge. Always be prepared to explain every aspect of the process in easy to understand terminology.

Working with us in an experience. We believe that experience should be unique, practiced and delivered with unequivocal passion. We’d settle for nothing less.

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