Andrea Kate M. is currently available for hire

Andrea Kate M.

Project Coordinator
Full-time - 40 hours/week

As a full-time student, I don't have much working experience but as a pioneer batch in k-12 curriculum, I was able to have a work immersion for a month. It's like an OJT but in senior high school. I was assigned to our public market office and was responsible for collecting stall fees, then remit to the municipal office. I was also employed by the Department of Labor and Employment for their Special Program for the Employment of Students in 2018. I was assigned to the Municipal Social and Welfare Development Office. I was responsible for keeping their files sorted out and accompanied clients with their concerns.

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Licenses and Certifications

Ef set certification (c1) , NC III bookkeeping


  1. Creating company systems/workflows
  2. Managing team emails & calendars
  3. Setting team goals and objectives
  4. Delegating tasks to team members
  5. Following up with clients and team members
  6. Monitoring progress and deadlines
  7. Evaluating project performance to analyze the successful completion of goals
  8. Compiling and analyze data
  9. Exploring project management software
  10. Creating documents and reports

Skills And Strengths

good communication skills, project management, leadership, technical skills.

Tools And Applications

microsoft office and google applications