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Unique A.

Customer Service Representative
Full-time - 40 hours/week

I have been with Sutherland Global Services (BPO industry) back in July 8, 2019 up until now. In the first year, I used to be a Billing Consultant which I explain Billing concerns to customers especially regarding with pro-rated amounts and expired promotions and. Not only that, I also provided a lot of options to lower down their bill since I always valued them as our customers and assure that they will stay in our service. I was a chat support representative in the first half of the year and then for the following years, it was all done purely over-the-phone. The client was being happy for the outcome of our hard work so that is the time we switched to another role. I become a Technical Representative on the same account. I receive inbound calls and do outbound if we need to call them back. I do basic troubleshooting steps to assist customers for their Internet, TV, home phone and even email concerns. Active listening is very important also so that I could check what would be the root cause of the problem then provide them the best resolution. I learned how to be more patient, understanding and go an extra mile. Discovers what I can do more for them to feel what a great customer experience is. Back in July 13, 2016 until December 3, 2018, I worked as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator in Sterix Incorporated (Pest Control Service). This company provides service and products. I used to facilitate inquiries via phone call or email for prospect clients especially regarding Pest Control Products then encodes it to Sales Leads book. I do passive selling. I create Trade sales quotation depending on client’s request and setting up an appointment to deliver the products. My experience to this job taught me on how to be responsible and the eagerness to achieve or exceeds the expectation. I learned to be flexible as well since I handled schedule of our few technicians while doing some admin tasks like preparing binders, completing supplier’s accreditation files and monitoring office supply inventories.

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Licenses and Certifications

Commendation call certificates from the customers


  1. Creating systems or workflows
  2. Acting as the initial point of contact for customers
  3. Managing incoming calls while providing excellent customer service
  4. Following communication procedures, guidelines, and policies
  5. Escalating queries and concerns, if needed
  6. Answering incoming customer inquiries regarding issues, service questions, and other client concerns with empathy, creativity, and efficiency.
  7. Doing data entry and other administrative tasks
  8. Answering incoming customer concerns via email or chat
  9. Doing customer follow-ups on pending concerns
  10. Providing resolutions to customer issues

Skills And Strengths

My skills are Good Communication skills, Customer service and People skills which are also my strength since I develop myself to be more confident and the experience I had to Sales and to customer service that allows me to deal with different types of customers helped me to build my communication skills. find it easy to connect with almost anyone, and I know how to empathize with others in an appropriate way.

Tools And Applications

Yahoo mail, Microsoft tools (Word, PPT, Excel), Avaya one-X Agent, CRM,