Top 10 Responsibilities of Customer Service Representative

1. Creating systems or workflows

2. Acting as the initial point of contact for customers

3. Managing incoming calls while providing excellent customer service

4. Following communication procedures, guidelines, and policies

5. Escalating queries and concerns, if needed

6. Answering incoming customer inquiries regarding issues, service questions, and other client concerns with empathy, creativity, and efficiency.

7. Doing data entry and other administrative tasks

8. Answering incoming customer concerns via email or chat

9. Doing customer follow-ups on pending concerns

10. Providing resolutions to customer issues


Top 5 Non-responsibilities of a Customer Service Representative

1. Calendar/Inbox Management for client/s

2. Social Media Management

3. Graphic Design for Social Media / Brochures

4. Copywriting/writing content

5. SEO / Digital Marketing