Audio & Video Editing

Audio and video is an integral part of interacting with your customers and clients.

It takes a large commitment to learn and master these skills. Let us do it for you instead.

Scope of Service

Before you subscribe to our ISP program, please review the following terms and conditions below. We outline our Scope of Services, Exclusions, and how we will deliver our services to you.

Our audio & video editing services include all of the following services:

Video Editing:

• Created animated intro/outros
• Lower thirds
• Logo insertion
• Audio synchronization
• Format conversion
• Cut clips
• Add transitions
• Jump stops
• Receiving a brief, and maybe an outline of footage and/or a shot list, script
• Assemble all raw footage, with camera shots
• Inputting uncut rushes and sound, and synchronizing and file storage
• Digitally cutting files to put together the sequence of the film and curating content
• Creating a 'rough cut' (or assembly edit) of the programme/film
• Post Processing

Audio Editing:

• Adjusting sound levels
• Keyframing levels
• Ambience Room Tone/humming/fan removal
• Cross-fades
• Panning

Exclusions to our Scope of Service:

• Content for the video (text content, raw footages, etc.)
• Guarantees of user traffic from video ads

Want to know more about our ISPs Audio & Video Editing Service?

Want to know more about our ISPs Services?

How It Works

1. The client initiates the ISP audio and/or video editing request through the DDA. The DDA will then submit the request to the ISP team leader.

2. The ISP team will then meet with the DDA to review the scope of the project.

3. Once the project scope has been defined, the DDA will inform the client of the turnaround time and any additional resources/content/collateral that are needed to complete the project.

4. Once all the information for the project has been confirmed, the video editor will begin working. The client can request updates on the development from their DDA and send changes or feedback, as needed.

5. Once the project is completed, the ISP team member will meet with the DDA to get a feedback on the project. Once the DDA is satisfied, they will submit the finished project to the client. The client can then request revisions or simply accept the project as is.

6. If no changes are requested, the ISP team member will send a report on the amount of time consumed from the client’s allotted ISP hours via BaseCamp and the DDA will mark the project complete.