What It Is Like to Be a Virtual Assistant in BNVA


What It Is Like to Be a Virtual Assistant in BNVA

What It Is Like to Be a Virtual Assistant in BNVA

What It Is Like to Be a Virtual Assistant in BNVA

We have been helping businesses and individuals find the right virtual assistant since 2007. This week, we took the time to interview another one of our talented VAs about What It Is Like to Be a Virtual Assistant in BNVA.

“With our talents, God gave us wings. With the world, He gave us the sky.” – Karen, Content Writer

Happiness in Writing Content

Karen writes podcast show notes and blogs for her client and has been working with her for almost a year now.

“Am I happy? Absolutely! It may sound cheesy but I honestly love what I am doing and the direction that it is taking me.” – Karen

To her, writing is exciting. She is happy every time she gets to craft and share remarkable stories. But it does not necessarily mean that she does not have challenges.

Start of a Career through Bottleneck Virtual Assistants

Karen shared that the team at Bottleneck were very hands-on when they brought her on board. She said, “I have never met such very friendly and helpful ’employers’ online.”

So when she started working with them, she did not find it very challenging to carry out her responsibilities. The training she received proved beneficial. It introduced her to her client’s line of work as well as to how she expected her to complete each task.

“Every day that I write for her, I simply remember the things she taught me. The workflow, the requirements for each podcast episode or blog — those things that she trained me to do.” – Karen

The process of writing, however, was up to her. When she signed up for her job, it was already a given that she knew how to write. She said, “I think I would be very ashamed if I applied for something that I wasn’t confident about.”

Karen graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in English and spent a total of around two years in school publications. She and her sister Kristine also keep a blog on WordPress.

With those, she can say that her experiences equipped her well for her present career as a writer VA.

She would take note of the tasks for the day and write, write, take a break and write. That’s how she is able to maximize her skills and stay on the path she has chosen.

Working with Her Client

When asked if her client is helping her grow as a professional, she replied, “Without a doubt, yes. She stayed with me throughout the training and checked on me from time to time — not as someone that’s bossy but more like a “colleague’ who offered to be there when I needed help with my tasks.”

“You know … trust is something that’s extremely valuable especially when you’re working with someone who is halfway around the globe.” – Karen

According to her, her client trusted her enough that she can complete her assignments and complimented her when she did a great job. Those alone were enough for her to perform at her best and improve her skills — not to mention, her client also pays her well and she thanks her for that.

Karen sends a great shoutout to Ms. Sara Parrish and the team at Podcast Pilot, Slapshot Studio, and BNVA!

Passion and Commitment to Success

Karen started working online for five hours a week. But as time passed, her hours increased and so did her pay.

She said that the competition in this industry is pretty tough and that a lot of unreliable job sources abound. She is happy and thankful that she found BNVA.

“Through Bottleneck Virtual Assistants, I was able to find someone who is, I believe, passionate with her business just as I am passionate about my skills.” – Karen

How long does she intend to work with her client? She acknowledged that there could be inevitable circumstances along the way but she is most certainly willing to work with her for a long time.

She also wants to see her client’s business grow and achieve more wins.

Yes to Work from Home

Karen is happy with the job she found through Bottleneck Virtual Assistants. She is grateful that the team has been really hands-on in helping her grow as a virtual assistant.

She also has the flexibility that she so desired from the beginning. She gets to work at her own pace and gets to spend more time with her loved ones. Those mean a lot to her.

“I would gladly recommend Bottleneck Virtual Assistants to aspiring virtual assistants, to other virtual assistants who may be needing a better opportunity, and to business owners and entrepreneurs who love their businesses but just don’t have all the time to run it by themselves.” – Karen

She has had the privilege of chatting with the other VAs in the company, and from them, she saw that they are also loving their jobs. According to her, they are very diligent and have come from remarkable backgrounds. One is Romely, who graduated from a top-performing university in the Philippines.

Unforgettable Experiences with Her Client and with BNVA

Karen and her client maintain a steady communication using email, Skype and Redbooth. She said, “Every day that I report to work isn’t actually a lonesome thing. There is that calm assurance that my client is just there in case I would need something — that is one thing that I could not forget.”

“It is that sense of connection and being one with my client’s desire for her business, which I believe doesn’t come very often in other outsourcing platforms.” – Karen

As for Bottleneck, she commended the company’s hiring process. She found that the team was very organized and stayed with her throughout. Furthermore, she expressed, “Talk about someone who knows their stuff, that is Bottleneck Virtual Assistants.”

Advice to Aspiring and Current Virtual Assistants

To aspiring VAs, she encourages you to sharpen the skills you have. If you are good at writing, for example, find opportunities where you can use them, learn from others, and keep on writing. You already have the skills; you just hone them and in time you will also find good opportunities online.

According to her, waiting does not necessarily mean you should do nothing. The world is yours for the taking. Be confident, be proactive, and most of all pray for God’s guidance.

“When you’ve done everything you could to be on top of your game, what you get may even be far more than your ordinary expectations.” – Karen

Similarly to current virtual assistants, she encourages to carry on with your tasks. Clients need dedicated and skilled individuals who can help them grow their businesses. Be there for them and do your best every time — you will never experience the many successes you can achieve with your clients if you quit in the process.

Special thanks to Karen for this interview on What It Is Like to Be a Virtual Assistant in BNVA. Let us know what you think in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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