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What is Bottleneck Virtual Assistants (BNVA)?

Bottleneck Virtual Assistants is a business process outsourcing agency that has been hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines since 2006. Our virtual assistants share the same love for supporting business growth worldwide. We appreciate the unique Filipino culture that is in line with our core beliefs and integrated into our own company culture.

This enables us to create, build and nurture professional relationships and assist growing businesses by delivering a roadmap with built-in systems and processes. These will provide for a clear and concise future while instilling confidence throughout the hiring process and beyond.

Our Philosophy

We view the world through the lenses of a systematic approach to business growth. This ensures a higher success rate during the hiring process.

We embrace growth through transparency and efficiency. Integrity and good ethical values drive sound judgment.

Internal communication is paramount to external appreciation. The most important people involved in this business is the internal staff.

Confidence is about understanding and knowledge. Always be prepared to explain every aspect of the process in easy to understand terminology.

Working with us is an experience. We believe that experience should be unique, practiced and delivered with unequivocal passion.

We’d settle for nothing less.

What is a virtual assistant (VA)?

A virtual assistant is a remote worker you can trust to fulfill a task online. Tasks delegated to VAs are often those that you find repetitive and less enjoyable or those that are outside the scope of your expertise.

Your executive assistant is capable of handling the mundane tasks you do on a daily basis to help you focus on the high-level tasks you need to perform in order to effectively grow your business.

Among these are e-mail management, travel support, and appointment scheduling and much more.

Your executive assistant can not only perform general administrative tasks, but they will act as your project manager and will delegate various tasks such as web development, project management, and digital content marketing.

Our integrated virtual assistants service who are assigned these specific tasks work directly for Bottleneck and have the background and training to competently carry out these specific verticals.

When you hire an executive virtual assistant, it is important to understand what their job rob role and responsibilities are.

If you need assistance in creating a job role, or you do not know where to start, there are several great articles we have written in our blog that will get you started the right way. 

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Common Fears of Hiring a VA

Whether or not you are new to the concept of virtual assistance, there are several factors that may hold you back in making the decision to hire. Here are some of the usual fears of hiring a VA that we have compiled:

Communication barrier

Finding a qualified virtual assistant

Output quality

Previous hiring experience

Sharing confidential information

Staff goes AWOL

Tight budget

Time zone difference

Entrusting personal information

Unsure what kind of virtual assistant to hire

Unsure what tasks to outsource

Workplace accountability

Zero knowledge in staff hiring

Zero knowledge in staff management

How does virtual assistance address these fears?

It is the age of the Internet, which means people are drawn closer by technology. Through it, they are able to access reliable and affordable tools from almost anywhere in the world.

Virtual assistance is the answer to the pressing needs of business owners in their plight for financial freedom, productivity, and life balance. In order to address the fears that come with the territory, Bottleneck Virtual Assistants has come up with an integrated virtual assistant service that provides you with a highly-skilled virtual executive assistant.

This assistant will be your single point-of-contact with whom you will build your relationship. You choose what shift you want your assistant to be available during your time zone and you choose your pricing. In addition to your executive services, you can delegate certain tasks to our internal team for up to 6 hours per week.

These special services include web development, social media marketing, graphic design, video/audio editing, content writing and email marketing. 

The BNVA Six-Step Hiring Formula

We recognize the need to set your expectations and preparing your staff right out of the gate so that you will be able to achieve your goals for the growth of your business.

Our six-step hiring formula seeks to address major human resource challenges faced by recruiters and businesses. It is founded on guidelines that will help evaluate your needs and match you up with qualified virtual assistants before getting you onboard.


Delegation Roadmap

Learn more about tasks that give you energy and those that you find least enjoyable and how you can delegate these instead.


Job Role Definition

Define the job role your virtual assistant is going to take along with the responsibilities that the job entails, according to the tasks you identified in step 1.


Agenda & Action Items

Get tips and strategies for setting up meeting agenda and action items for a more productive session with your virtual assistant (or team).


Interview Strategy

Learn effective interview strategies and what to expect for the Bottleneck interview process.


Contractor Agreement

We will provide you with an outline of all the things that you should expect when working with Bottleneck Virtual Assistants.



You are now ready to work with your new virtual assistant. Learn more tips and strategies to help you.

In order to get started, talk with us today about the possibility of hiring qualified virtual assistants for your business.

Download THE ULTIMATE VIRTUAL ASSISTANT STARTER CHECKLIST and have exclusive access to all these:

Find the Right VA for the Right Job. Tips and guide questions to assess your personal and business needs and help you find the right kind of VA for the job you need help with.

Find Reliable Outsourcing. BNVA's unique and efficient onboarding process that will help you hire right and smart.

Enjoy Learning. A fun, interactive PDF you can use to take notes and answer our guide questions

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Bottleneck Virtual Assistants offers professional growth opportunities for ambitious leaders by creating an efficient and systematic approach for their business. We identify, hire and cultivate team members who focus on specific roles and responsibilities.

Stop the bottleneck in your business. Hire highly skilled talent today.

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