Young Entrepreneurship and Using Adversity to Your Advantage | Payton Wallace


Young Entrepreneurship and Using Adversity to Your Advantage | Payton Wallace

Today on Live with Bottleneck, we have Payton Wallace to talk about overcoming adversity and using it as an advantage. Payton is a young entrepreneur and is also the producer and founder of the Young Entrepreneur Success Network (Y.E.S. Network). With his achievements at an early age, we also talk about what “young entrepreneurship” is.

Using Adversity as Advantage

Many people think that starting a business at a young age has a lot of disadvantages. Payton had the motivation to prove otherwise. Additionally, he explains what is Y.E.S. Network and how he helps people through it.

“It’s about sharing with other people my age that although you might be looked upon or looked down upon because you’re young. I think that’s the greatest advantage that we have because we have time, we have energy, and we also have the opportunity to learn. It’s training and equipping young entrepreneurs.” – Payton Wallace

Overcoming Adversity

Payton shares his adversities and how he overcomes them. He decides to be transparent and share his experiences with bullying. Further, he tells us how he discovered his interest in technology. This led him to his first business – fixing and selling phones on eBay.

“We don’t have a lot of lives, we don’t have a ton of bills, we don’t have a ton of overhead or expenses because we’re at that stage right now where either we’re moving from our parent’s wing or just figuring out life. Now is the best time to mess up because we have the least amount of issues to hit us in the back end if we do and so.”  – Payton Wallace

Choosing Joy Over Sorrow

Payton shares that he sets daily tasks every day and spends the rest of the hours trying to figure out what else he can do. He also says that he still wants to have a lot of fun while he runs a business. Lastly, he shares a piece of advice through his experience with adversity when he lost something with sentimental value for him.

“When you choose that joy in your heart when adversity happens to you, at the end of the day, choosing joy, choosing forgiveness is going to be the best option because you will be blessed in the back end.” – Payton Wallace

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Payton Wallace is young but driven with a passion to make a difference in the lives of everyone he meets. He is a serial entrepreneur, sales and marketing consultant, and successful real estate professional. The first characteristic you may notice about Payton is his youth, but don’t let that fool you. He is a savvy online marketer, public speaker, millennial networker, multi-million dollar producer, and founder of the Young Entrepreneur Success Network (Y.E.S. Network).

Payton started his first successful business at 13 years old and uses his time now to train and equip people of his age demographic to be expert negotiators, speakers, business owners, and most importantly, positive influences to the people around them. If you have the opportunity to meet Payton, you will never forget it. His contagious and always optimistic perspective makes clients and business partners feel like they just woke up on the sunny side of life.

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