5 Common Challenges in Working with Virtual Assistants


  • Handle your email inbox
  • Post on Social Media for you
  • Help with client followups
  • Create proposals and invoicing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Book Travel and confirm appointments
  • Manage your website
  • Video/Audio work
  • Sales calls
  • and much more... 

Our virtual assistants go through an interview process, complete a DISC assessment, and are properly vetted prior to them ever meeting you.  This vetting process takes approximately seven to ten days.

To begin the process, we schedule a consultation call.  The objective for this call is to find out if our service will work for you based on your questions and feedback.  If we find that our service could be beneficial to you and your business, we will send you a VA-Intake form.  This form has several questions you will need to answer that will give our sourcing agents a great overview of the type of virtual assistant(s) you are looking for.

Next, we will begin the sourcing process.  There is a one-time sourcing fee of $250 to begin searching for candidates that will match your needs.  During this time, we ask you to work on the "Delegation Tool".  This is going to help you figure out what tasks you can delegate to your new VA and it also helps you create a job role.

We will identify three candidates for you to interview and will send you an email to schedule a time that is most convenient for you to meet the three candidates.  We will set up the interviews on Zoom or Skype and will have a moderator make the introductions and keeps the interviews on track.

After the interviews are completed, you will schedule a time with the candidate you prefer to learn more about.  We call this a 'confirmation interview'.  This is where you will get to dive a little deeper into what you are looking to have your VA do to make sure this is a good fit.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant with Bottleneck

Once the confirmation interview is complete, we will send you an agreement and the VA an agreement.  We will help you onboard your VA and make recommendations as to the best practices of getting your VA up to speed in the quickest and most effective way.

As your virtual assistant agency, we will negotiate the pricing on behalf of the VA for you.  You will never have to talk about bonuses, raises, tech purchases or any financial matters as that is what we are here for.  We also make sure they have the necessary tools to complete the tasks for you (i.e., phone, computer, internet, etc).


Hiring a virtual assistant can be very overwhelming, but with our help, you can stop the bottleneck in your business.  Here are a couple things you should know before hiring a virtual assistant:

  1. Make sure that you can afford to hire a VA.
  2. Know that you are going to have to give up some control.
  3. Create systems so that the tasks that you perform are easily replicated.
  4. Communication is paramount to the success of your new hire.
  5. Consistent meetings to get updates and keep staff motivated.
  6. Identify your biggest weaknesses or areas of your business you don't like attending to and hire for these tasks.
  7. Invest the time to train your VA right.
  8. Find a virtual assistant that compliments your personality.
  9. Never discuss financial matters with your VA.
  10. Offer annual bonuses and be kind.
Bottleneck Virtual Assistants for Hire
Bottleneck Virtual Assistants

We understand how challenging it can be to not only hire an assistant, but train them so that they are really helping you.  After all, you are a busy entrepreneur otherwise you wouldn't be here looking for a virtual assistant, right? 

We have been sourcing virtual assistants for business since 2007.  We know a thing or two about the process and are confident we can help you.  Whether you are looking for an executive assistant to handle your day-to-day tasks or a web developer to manage your website, we will find a match specific to you and your needs.