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Picture a life filled with boundless energy and the freedom to pursue what truly lights you up. That's the essence of Bottleneck Distant Assistants! We specialize in empowering you to shed the shackles of draining tasks and embrace the activities that fuel your soul. Say sayonara to the energy vampires and unlock a world where passion and vitality reign supreme. Get ready to unleash your inner energy superhero!

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The CEO Freedom Model by Bottleneck

Want to Grow Your Business and Live Your Best Life?

Are you experiencing growth in your business? Are you looking for ways to compete with larger companies while still remaining true to who you are? How much minutia are you involved in with your business? Wish you could spend more time creating and focusing on more things you enjoy doing?

The #1 barrier to scaling your business is leverage.

It all starts with hiring a technology-enabled human being whose objective is to support you as dedicated distant assistant so your small business can 'Play Big'.

The CEO Freedom Model by Bottleneck

The Bottleneck Difference


Dedicated Distant

  • Vetting/Screening Process
  • Bottleneck Academy Training
  • Dedicated HR Management
  • Dedicated to YOU
Typical Virtual Assistants

Typical Virtual

  • Unproven
  • Untrained
  • Need Heavy Guidance
  • Have Other Jobs

Your Unfair Advantage

We help agencies reach their true growth potential

How a Dedicated Distant Assistant
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Featured Distant Assistants

Keesha Mae S

Keesha S.

Executive Assistant

Keesha Mae S., a super mom of two boys, has been working with BNDA since April 2019. A multi-skilled DDA with a passion for helping her clients achieve more in their business!

Jeany Mae M

Jeany Mae M.


Jeany Mae M., as we call Jek, is our shy but amazing DDA. Jek has been working with BNDA since January 2021. She's a rockstar at what she does with analyzing accounting tasks and she's able to help her client achieve their goal of making sure everything is accurate!

Gwenmarie B

Gwenmarie B.

Management Assistant

Gwenmarie B., a super mom of 3 kids and a loving wife, has been working with BNDA since November 2019. Gwen, a fun-bubbly DDA, loves helping her clients find new ways to succeed in their business endeavors while being passionate about fundraising for those who need it most!

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