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Victoria Dorsano

The whole thing working with them has really saved me, between 20-30 hours a week, back in my day to work on scaling my business. Since working with them, my business has grown pretty substantially and that's exciting and I really look forward to continuing that trajectory with them.

Victoria Dorsano

Owner | Health & Lifestyle Coach
Be Victorious Coaching

Dr. Glover

Things continue to go wonderfully with Elaine. She has mastered every task I’ve given her, and she is always excited to take on new roles and responsibilities. She demonstrates excellent judgement in working with clients and coworkers. She is committed to quality, and she has an excellent eye for detail. Things in our company are running smoothly - thanks very largely to Elaine!

Dr. Robyn Glover

Owner and Licensed Psychologist
SAGE Assessments

Their professionalism, attention to detail, and communication skills are exceptional. Working with Bottleneck has been a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend their services to anyone needing a reliable and efficient virtual assistant, especially for customer support.

Rockwell Felder



Thanks to Bottleneck Distant Assistants, I have been able to focus on the high-level, strategic work that I love, while knowing that all the essential details and tasks are being taken care of. I cannot recommend their services enough to anyone who wants to scale their business and achieve their full potential

Mike Damphousse

Founding Partner
Category Design Advisors

DDA - Testimonials - Lochhead

Bottleneck Distant Assistants is fantastic! They scale me, it's that simple.

Jaime and Sara are two of the most committed, driven, and customer-focused entrepreneurs I know. They have worked very hard and very smart to build an incredible team, create a legendary culture, and produce remarkable results. I’ve known and have been a client of theirs for years, and I recommend them to my friends and colleagues all the time

Christopher Lochhead

Carole Singleton Testimonial for bottleneck distant assistant

I think she is doing fabulous. She fits well with our personality too, and she's just really quite a joy to work with. It took us three months to fully train her, but the yield is great at the end of the training cycle. Now we're doing great. We're very happy, and we don't want to lose her.

Carole Singleton

Accounting / Ops Manager
The Enterprise Team, Inc.

Sohail Nejjar Testimonial for bottleneck distant assistant

I figured she has been excellent. She has a lot of potentials.  She's a very good worker and I figured like, I can put her into the next step, you know. I'm so used to her now. I don't want nobody else. I just want my DDA to just to be with us forever.

Sohail Nejjar

Accounting Manager
Forcier Consulting 

Priya Nalkur Testimonial for bottleneck distant assistants

I've appreciated my DDA's proactivity - she sends me a message first thing in the morning with my schedule and gives me a sense of her tasks. That takes a lot of burden off my mind to think about what I need to do and helps to streamline my process.

Priya Nalkur


Bottleneck helped me at every step along the way. There were hardly ever any issues, but if I had any questions, they were always there for me ready to help me figure out better ways to work with my team and better ways to do more of what I was looking to do using less bandwidth from myself.

Boris Kievsky

Chief Storyteller and Nerd for Good

I believe that I know what Bottleneck is as an operation, I believe that I know what their values and level of integrity are. And so I get to rely on that. Instead of having to do the legwork.

Aaron Schmookler

Co-Founder & CEO
The Yes Works

Jaime tells you what exactly to expect, he delivers exactly what he says, and I’ve seen my business needle move in a different direction because of his direction and because of the valuable resources that he’s provided for me because of his time, because of his knowledge that he shared with me. It has been so invaluable for my business, and I’m just so thankful.

Bethany Myers

Content Social Media Queen


Christeen Era Testimonial for bottleneck distant assistants

Our DDA from Bottleneck fits right in with our team. We just love having him here at CGS. His core values align with ours, while also learning and growing with our team culture.

He has a learner mindset, is trustworthy, and is a total A-Player all the way! He is truly a gift; he is a solid team member 100%.

Christeen Era


Marines Hagemann

Bottleneck Distant Assistants offered a fast and reliable solution to our many random, time-consuming tasks that we never seemed to have the time to get to. We had a great experience working with Bottleneck.

Marines Hagemann

Director of Client Experience
Allied Steel Buildings

Stephanie Warner

Bottleneck Distant Assistants provides businesses with vetted candidates and a strong process that includes feedback and accountability. Using Bottleneck for VA services removes a lot of the uncertainty and risk of hiring virtual assistants.

Stephanie Warner

Operations Manager
Shield Your Body

Yigal Adato Testimonial for bottleneck distant assistants

Don't wait, hire a team member through Bottleneck Distant Assistants, because they will simplify your life and your business

Yigal Adato


Jonathan Bosch

My DDA has been fantastic thus far. I went on vacation for almost 2 weeks and she was able to keep the wheel turning while I was gone. I am super happy with her performance.

Jonathan Bosch

Operations Manager
Forcier Consulting

Lorie Wood Testimonial for bottleneck distant assistants

If anybody out there is looking to lighten their load, I highly recommend Jaime and his team at Bottleneck Distant Assistants.

Lorie Wood


Jonathan Bosch

I've worked with other VA companies before and never worked as well as Bottleneck Distant Assistants. You guys offer us excellent candidates every time who are guaranteed to deliver.

Natalie Forcier

Chief Executive Officer
Forcier Consulting

Christopher Simnick Testimonial for bottleneck distant assistant

I can assure you that if you need any kind of help in your business, whether it be in technology, web development, or strategy, you cannot go wrong with Bottleneck Distant Assistants.

Christopher Simnick


Kieran Mckeefery Testimonial for bottleneck distant assistant

Hi, it's Kieran from Podcast Websites. I just want to do a good shout-out to Jaime at Bottleneck Virtual Assistants helped us a ton in the past I can't say how good they have been for us you know if you've if you do get jobs too other than that definitely do.

Kieran Mckeefery


Mark Asquith Testimonial for bottleneck distant assistant

I've worked with VAs for a long time and the process has always been very, very difficult. But Jaime and his team take all of that away. The experience has been fantastic.

Mark Asquith


Anthony Woolever Testimonial for bottleneck distant assistant

This saved up somewhere between 20 to 30 hours of my week, and it's been a game-changer for me since then.

Anthony Woolever


Having a DDA will not only help you run the business more effectively, but it will also help you reclaim some of your personal time so that you can spend it with the people you care about.

Gabe Arnold

Business Marketing Engine

We all have a finite amount of time and energy every day and so, to source, to screen, to train, and to place somebody that really works well with you personally, it's a lot of work and Bottleneck takes all that burden off of your hand. Make a consultation at and get some questions answered, then maybe it's for you.

Adam Rosensweig


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