Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Unlike most Virtual Assistant setups where one VA works with multiple clients on a transactional-based relationship, a DDA works solely for you, builds a long-term relationship with you, supports you, and grows with you as your business grows.

Dedicated Distant Assistants don’t do other client tasks while working with you. They are present during the hours you need them, and they focus on you and your business' administrative tasks so you can do more high-level work. 

Recruitment & Hiring

Most of the Dedicated Distant Assistants at Bottleneck hail from the Philippines, where English is a second language. Almost all subjects in schools and universities are taught in English, particularly in higher education.

Our applicants go through a three-tiered vetting process which includes a language comprehension test, to make sure their verbal and written communication, as well as their comprehension, meets our exceptional standards. 

Onboarding & Managing a DDA

We have a step-by-step onboarding process to aid you in preparing for your first day with your Dedicated Distant Assistant. By the time you finish our step-by-step onboarding process, you will have every single thing needed to ensure the assistant you hire can perform up to your standards.

Payment & Billing

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average monthly cost* for one desk employee in the US is about $6000/month. The average monthly cost for hiring a Dedicated Distant Assistant is about 26% of that! 

You can choose your pricing and terms with a Bottleneck Dedicated Distant Assistant – visit our Pricing page to learn more. 

*Costs include payroll taxes, overhead, insurance, software, hardware, and wages.

Stop The Bottleneck In Your Business

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