18 Quotes from Amazing Leaders about Company Culture

18 Quotes from Amazing Leaders about Company Culture

Culture has a profound impact on business success as attributed by some of the world’s most successful companies. These include Google, Warby Parker, Zappos, and Chevron.

We have had the opportunity of speaking with other amazing leaders on the Culture Eats Strategy Podcast. Conscious awareness of their need guided them toward the achievement of their ultimate wins.

Discover what they have to say about company culture.     

“Culture will help you understand other people and how to best communicate with them.” – Dr. Adam Arnold

dr adam arnold - culture eats strategy

Dr. Arnold leads a global team of copywriters, designers and social media marketers. They service to healthcare practitioners who lack the leisure of time to market their own business.

He transitioned from chiropractic to digital marketing as a result of marketing for his own business. According to him, it is important to have a vision and to determine the path and systems to achieve it.

He knew where he wanted to take his journey. He knew the kind of lifestyle he wanted. Besides having a vision, he believes that is also important to understand the culture you possess.

It enables a good understanding of self and of others, making it easier to make it work with them.

“Everything in life is about habitual practice. If you put yourself in a positive mindset every day, you have positive returns in your life.” – Matt Cubbler

matt cubbler culture eats strategy

Matt is a retired U.S. Army Intelligence soldier, relentless entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. Together with his team, he provides leadership and mentorship programs for people within a community.

He believes that leadership comes from selfless service which can be done in schools and companies. By influencing these communities with a positive mindset, they can step forward to their full capacity as individuals and as agents of change in their community.

It is the kind of culture that he aspires for everyone. It is a transformation from the inside out.

He also does what he could to get to know every one of his team members and to put them in a position where they can excel.  

“Culture drives all the metrics you probably care about.” – Isaac Tolpin

isaac tolpin culture eats strategy

Isaac is a tech entrepreneur who has helped Fortune 500 companies, celebrity influencers, among others to develop a culture that enables sustainable growth.

According to him, culture is more than a mission statement. It is the very essence — the driving force — of everything an organization does instead.

This includes their behavior, social norms and unspoken rules. Without the right strategies, members become unengaged and leadership a failure.

The right culture is one that befits the organization, produces the right strategies and achieves the greatest results.

“We have a relentless work effort right now because our entire company, from top to bottom, can see the vision and can see what we’re doing.” – Blake Maske

blake maske culture eats strategy

Blake is the Plant Operations Manager at an innovative and fast-growing home decor manufacturing company now called Redline Decor. From their humble beginnings, he and his team have moved to their newly built 110,000 square foot facility with state of the art equipment.

They have managed to remain consistent in their values and motivation toward success. According to him, a company’s vision is to be relayed from top to bottom.

Success is also achieved accordingly. Culture is what ties them together and is one way of empowering employees to buy into the vision.

There is no fear of failure. There is only the willingness to experience the hardships in order to come out the best.

“If you know what small modifications to make, you can change the way that people behave around you.” – Arthur Carmazzi

arthur carmazzi culture eats strategy

Arthur is a top leader in training and leadership development. He developed the science of group dynamics that helps to establish a structure for a culture.

He believes that members of a group have the power to influence one another through communication. It affects behavior and performance. Ultimately, it also affects the kind of culture they are co-creating.

The key is to identify areas of concern. It helps to modify the group’s perspective and actions toward success.

“What we found is that people who have worked together for 10 or 15 years can learn new things about their coworkers through music, sharing, and talking.” – Amani Roberts

Amani Roberts Culture Eats Strategy

Amani, also known as DJ AmRo, is a master of innovation. He has produced remixes for artists and has created original music for commercials. He and his team at The Amani Experience take teambuilding to a whole new level of experience through DJ lessons.

Music brings people together. It also enables them to discover new things about each other. Music taps a variety of interests within people which also make them vulnerable to those around them.

It frees one from certain constraints and fears. It also helps to create motivation in people and increases their engagement.

There are still a lot of things that can be learned from the experiences of others despite already being with one another for a decade or so. Music has the power to breathe new life and to redefine company culture.

“The strength of the company is its people. It is not the technology. It is always about the people.” – Rocky Romanella

Rocky Romanella Culture Eats Strategy

Rocky holds a track record of over 30 years working for global corporations. The experience opened him to the world of small business owners who hustled their way to the top.

He saw how team structure proved challenging for them. When he retired, he partnered with his colleagues and founded a management services company called 3SIXTY Management Services. They bring with them an array of expertise in process, development, among others.

A company is only as strong as its people. People join a company with their unique strengths. However, their strengths can become their weaknesses.

Technology helps to streamline processes but it is not what the company is about. It is about people, and how leaders act upon this knowledge makes a difference.

“By empowering people, they’ll feel so much ownership of what they can actually accomplish.” – Ari Meisel

Ari Meisel culture eats strategy

Ari co-owned a virtual assistant company that struggled with cultural issues. They earned a million dollars on their first year but went downhill the next year.

He moved forward and built a more efficient system that allows people to bring their best to work. Now at Less Doing, he has helped many successful entrepreneurs to empower their teams.

He believes that people perform better when they are given all the things they need to advance. It allows them to own their work and motivates them to succeed with the company.

“If the CEO is passionate about building culture rather than controlling a business, then you have the basis for how to outmarket your competition.” – Peter Sage

peter sage culture eats strategy

Peter is a bestselling author, elite coach and speaker who once worked as a trainer for Tony Robbins. His experience in growing fast-paced enterprises spans over 25 years.

According to him, challenges almost always come from leadership. People in authority have the responsibility to properly manage their resources. This includes making sure that people are well-guided and taken care of.

Leaders sometimes fall in the trap of believing that they know everything. They become masters of control instead of building a culture that allows people to contribute.

When leaders work together with their people, they increase the company’s potential to stand out.

“This is one of the most important conversations to have in business now is, ‘Can we embrace people for who they are and who they aren’t?’” – Spencer Jacobson

Spencer Jacobson Culture Eats Strategy

Spencer is the CEO and co-founder of a coaching company that has helped startups and Fortune 500 organizations to attract, develop and retain great talent.

He believes that every employee has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. They carry it with them when they join the company. An interesting question is whether companies can embrace both or not.

Studies show that people in many companies behave like they have two full-time jobs. They carry out their given positions while hiding their flaws.

A sense of belonging — in any organization or community — happens only when people show up as real. The best teams have a culture that embraces the diversity of its members.

“People leave organizations not because of the work but because of the people.” – Dan Rockwell

Dan Rockwell on Culture Eats Strategy

Dan is an international thought leader in business and leadership. His well-founded principles and insights have enlightened many. He is listed by Inc Magazine as one of the Top 50 Leadership Experts in the English Speaking World.

He believes that culture empowers people to work at their best. It is not about their given position. They draw inspiration from the people they work with.

The environment they co-create is critical in helping them decide whether they stay or leave the company.

People may decide to work at a company that they do not like. However, at the end of the day, they want to be happy. The way their co-workers and leaders treat them can make a difference.

“The bigger you get, the more you need that cohesive framework to connect everyone.” – Ryan Bonnici

ryan bonnici - culture eats strategy

Ryan is the Chief Marketing Officer at G2 Crowd, one of the world’s largest business-commerce platforms. Their team has grown to 30 people since the time he joined the company.

It is not always easy to manage and collaborate with such a large team. He confessed that culture played a big role in their growth. According to him, it is important to get everyone on the same page.

Culture is the glue that enables people to work together. It also helps to build a framework for success. The more people you have under your leadership, the more you need to have that direction as a team.

“No matter what the strategy is, ultimately it has to be implemented by a culture.” – Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan 'Jcron' Cronstedt - culture eats strategy

Jonathan is a master executive strategist in digital marketing, sales, among others. He currently serves as president at an online business platform called Kajabi. Within eight years since their founding, they have generated $600 million of sales.

He believes that culture holds the power to turn a business strategy into a success. Culture makes people excited about their role in the company. It is their guiding light toward the accomplishment of their goals.

The same people are the ones who implement any strategies that have been developed. How they deal with those strategies and implement them simply reflect the kind of culture they possess.

“At the end of the day, culture is what happens when nobody is looking.” – Mike McDerment

Mike McDerment  - culture eats strategy

Mike is the CEO and co-founder of FreshBooks, one of the world’s leading accounting software that has been enjoyed by millions of users.

He is also the author of a book that has inspired over 200 thousand freelancers and business owners to break free from the constraints of time and to charge what their services are really worth.

According to him, culture sets the bar for success. It empowers team members to buy into the company vision and mission.

It is reflected by the behavior of the leaders and members, and they carry it with them wherever they go.

“Culture allows you to do the main thing. You have to transition from startup to scale-up.” – Verne Harnish

Verne Harnish mark monchek aaron arnold - culture eats strategy

Verne loves to help small businesses step into their next level of success. He is the founder of the most influential network of entrepreneurs that has headquarters in six continents.

He believes that culture is both inclusive and exclusive. It gives people a sense of belonging in a company. It also unites them toward the same goal and protects them from making wrong decisions in their journey.

Once people buy into that goal, the sense of belonging is so strong that the company can do nothing but move forward and grow.

“You got to have the right people and you have to treat them right.” – Brian Scudamore

Brian Scudamore

Brian is a serial entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 19. A pioneer of the professional junk removal industry, their company now also offers three home-service brands.

He believes in the primary importance of setting core values. Early in his career, he experienced the profound loss of having unhappy employees. He fired them all as a consequence.

He got together with his team to work on their company values. According to him, hiring the right people is just part of the equation. How you treat them matters.

“Great strategy evolves from the culture.” – Mark Monchek

mark monchek aaron arnold - culture eats strategy

Mark has worked with leaders of business giants including Goldman Sachs, Apple and Google. He is a seasoned strategist and a bestselling author that specializes in developing a culture of opportunity.

Over the years, he has seen many examples of strategies that worked and of strategies that failed. Those that failed did not include culture as a component of success.

He believes that culture and strategy go in tandem. Companies can have great strategies but not without a great company culture.

“If you can connect to [people] on a personal level, you can connect to them on a professional level.” – Aaron Arnold

aaron arnold - culture eats strategy

Aaron is the CEO of a video production company called FeatherDot Productions. They specialize in using video for marketing. Their international clientele includes Fortune 500 companies and they are growing to accommodate more team members.

Their hiring process is one that gives them an edge in their business. They make sure to hire only the right person and try to get to know the candidates better.

They understand that not everyone stays with them for a long time. Some employees use their experience as a stepping stone. Yet, the company provides them with all the tools they can use and does what they could to support.

When people make the right fit and enjoy the company culture, it is no question why they become motivated to grow and return later on to contribute more to the company.

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