3 Key Steps to Create a Career of Your Dreams | Simona Spilak


3 Key Steps to Create a Career of Your Dreams | Simona Spilak

When building a career or a business, you might feel stuck at first because you don’t know how and where to start. Perhaps you should begin on yourself first before taking the next steps. Simona Spilak joins us today So to talk about the super interesting three key steps to create a career of your dreams. She is the founder of SimonaSpilak.com, an online coaching community, and she is also a regular speaker at regional conferences in Europe.

The First Step

The first step in creating a career or your dream business is having self-awareness with what you carry with yourself as it creates your aspirational goals. It’s powerful because it enables you to move and progress in development. Simona says that it is one of the bottlenecks of business owners because they need to figure out how to build their path to where they would like to land, and that’s what the self-awareness factor brings in:

“Let’s call it a gap between where I am today and where I would like to land tomorrow. That’s our development plan, and then it’s an action plan. What to do with it, where to find a coach or mentor, or to employ additional people to build your team because your business needs it. Those are then the so-called bottlenecks, but to me, those are the opportunities.” – Simona Spilak

Taking the Next Step

Jaime asks Simona how she helps people after having self-awareness and how to take it to the next step. She says she uses profiling tools to them as personality profile is important when growing a career. She also says that coaching is a great method because it creates opportunities for individuals to look for a solution and not problems.

“It’s important to know that you actually can create a great career or business, and you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Either you grow your career as a solopreneur, or you build your business around your team. So, it’s about your personality profile” – Simona Spilak

The Final Step

Simona shares her workbook called “4 Techniques of Decision Making”. It’s a bundle of videos and Ebooks that can help you make quick and right decisions at the right time.  Additionally, she says that you don’t need to excel in acquiring those four techniques because the first thing you need to have is the courage to make the decision.

“I believe that decision making is one of the key steps for leadership competencies as well business owners competencies because you have to decide or you’re deciding in every single moment or situation.” – Simona Spilak

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Simona is the founder of SimonaSpilak.com, an online coaching community. She is a leadership and business coach. Over the last 20 years, she has helped thousands of clients accelerate their careers, grow as leaders and scale their businesses rapidly by leveraging the power of their uniqueness. To handle the demand online, she created a successful, dedicated team of 7 for her one-on-one and mastermind coaching.

On top of that, she runs her own consulting agency for major corporations, is a lecturer at the International Business Economics Faculty, and is a regular speaker at regional conferences in Europe. Simona lives with a deep passion for helping others so they can enjoy the same career and entrepreneurial freedom that she has.

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