71 Administrative Tasks That Can Be Outsourced to Distant Assistants


71 Administrative Tasks That Can Be Outsourced to Virtual Assistants
71 Administrative Tasks That Can Be Outsourced to Virtual Assistants

Administrative tasks occupy a big portion of the responsibilities at an office. They fill a critical role in day-to-day business operations. A lot of these administrative tasks that you do everyday can be outsourced with the help of a dedicated distant assistant.

Distant assistants have become assets to the evolving business landscape. They work from a remote location and are great at completing tasks with minimal to zero supervision.  

Here is a list of administrative tasks that can be outsourced to them:

Community Engagement

  1. Announcing updates to the team
  2. Arranging meetings with the team
  3. Curating blog posts into downloadable files
  4. Keep customers updated on the latest releases
  5. Maintaining the company website
  6. Managing the company social media accounts
  7. Onboarding or welcoming new customers
  8. Posting on different social media platforms
  9. Scheduling regular content releases
  10. Sending birthday greetings to customers
  11. Sending birthday greetings to the team
  12. Sending regular newsletters
  13. Sending webinar invites to customers
  14. Spot checking performance of blog posts
  15. Suggesting product and service information
  16. Writing regular blog posts

Developing and Maintaining Systems

  1. Creating ways to streamline processes
  2. Developing an efficient filing system
  3. Identifying potential avenues for improvement
  4. Managing calendars for the executives
  5. Organizing company calendars
  6. Organizing company-wide events
  7. Organizing company-wide meetings
  8. Organizing files and folders
  9. Scheduling assignments for the team
  10. Suggesting ideas for work efficiency

Finding and Storing Information

  1. Conducting competitive research
  2. Converting multimedia files
  3. Creating slideshow presentations
  4. Creating weekly general reports
  5. Documenting systems and processes
  6. Documenting team workflows
  7. Encoding data to a software
  8. Fact-checking information
  9. Keeping product inventories
  10. Keeping record of team information
  11. Maintaining accurate customer records
  12. Managing payroll records
  13. Preparing the meeting agenda
  14. Preparing the meeting documents
  15. Processing data in a spreadsheet
  16. Researching industry trends
  17. Taking down minutes of a meeting
  18. Taking notes during meetings
  19. Transcribing exclusive audio or video interviews
  20. Transcribing regular audio or video files
  21. Transferring data from a PDF or image file
  22. Updating contact lists
  23. Updating customer accounts
  24. Updating property listings
  25. Updating the company manual

Managing Communications

  1. Addressing inquiries from customers
  2. Addressing inquiries from the team
  3. Dealing with upset customers
  4. Drafting email correspondence
  5. Engaging with potential customers
  6. Handling incoming phone calls
  7. Managing emails for the executives
  8. Reaching out to customers for payments
  9. Relaying instructions from the executives
  10. Relaying messages from customers
  11. Screening phone calls and emails
  12. Serve as the first point of contact
  13. Setting appointments with customers


  1. Booking hotel reservations
  2. Coordinating team projects
  3. Creating travel itineraries
  4. Directing the issuance of paychecks
  5. Making purchases on behalf of the team
  6. Making travel arrangements
  7. Running errands for the team

Distant assistants can do the work for any size of business.  They handle multiple functions, depending on your needs. At a grand scale, they help improve the overall health of your business.

The set of tasks to hire vary from one business setting to another. You have the liberty to decide which ones to outsource.   

What is important is that you first identify your need. Think about those that you could delegate to someone else. They could be tasks that you are least skilled at.

They could also be tasks that are the most time-consuming but are less important to your primary role.

Consultations are free of charge should you be interested in hiring a dedicated distant assistant.

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