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What Can a Virtual Assistant (VA)
do for you?

Admin virtual assistants take the grunt work in your business. They help run the day-to-day operations and provide support to key individuals in completing projects. They also manage general office activities and help streamline collaborations.

Organization, communication, and efficiency are their main offerings. They bridge the gap between staff members and managers, and serve as the point of contact between you and your business clients.

Here are some tasks usually assigned to
Admin Virtual Assisntant's

  • Answer and direct client inquiries

  • Book company events and travels

  • Conduct competitive research

  • Create ways to streamline processes

  • Develop a filing system

  • Organize work calendars

  • Prepare meeting agenda

  • Prepare meeting documents

  • Schedule and organize meetings

  • Take note during meetings

  • Update contact lists

How does it all work?

Our team at Bottleneck Virtual Assistants are here to help you find a qualified highly-skilled administrative assistant.


Our talent pool consists of dedicated individuals who share the same love for success. Our operations team will be there every step of the way to guide you through the process.


Whatever your industry, we will make sure to provide you with the service you need. Take back your time, alleviate work stress, and become more efficient with an admin virtual assistant.

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