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On today’s Live with Bottleneck, our guest Catherine Tindall shares how automation can help your business run more efficiently. Also, look forward to some automation system suggestions from Catherine herself that you could implement in your business right now!

Catherine Tindall is a CPA specializing in advanced tax reduction who proactively works with clients to reduce what they pay in tax while supporting their greater wealth-building and life goals. She is also an entrepreneur, as well as a Partner at Dominion Enterprise Services, which help Entrepreneurs get better cash flow control through Advanced Tax Reduction Strategies and Tax Compliance Support.

So if you want to learn more about automation and how it can stop the Bottleneck in your business, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is Catherine Tindall?

Catherine has always known that she wanted her daily work life to involve helping people. Though at first, she resisted being a tax practitioner, seeing as both her parents were already practicing. Yet they told her to give it a shot, and all of that lead to her CPA and current endeavors.

But she wasn’t going to settle into the traditional tax practitioner. She wanted to find out new ways to implement and streamline the process for both her and the clients.

“I basically have worked through different public accounting firms and started this firm a couple years ago, because I really wanted to shift the whole model around how tax work was being done.” – Catherine Tindall

This, coupled with their strong orientation towards technology made them consider automation, and how it can streamline the overall process of it.

Handling the Numbers

Jaime explains that as he and Sara were starting out, they were quite wary of accounting. Even now, as well-established as they could be, they are still looking for better ways to keep track of everything. So Jaime stresses that accounting and managing the numbers can be a harrowing part of the business, especially for those who are just starting out.

Catherine agrees to this, and adds that this is one of things that they discuss with clients right from the start.

“My orientation has always been: you have to build systems right, and find where the pain points are. You also find out where can we automate things and how we can fix this paint points.” – Catherine Tindall

Automating several aspects of work not only speeds up the process on most occasions, it also helps avoid human error in the most part, especially when dealing with a high volume of records and whatnot.

How to Eliminate Bottlenecks in Your Business

According to Catherine, there are other things besides automation that you can do to remove certain bottlenecks in your business. Catherine shares the old formula of Eliminate, Automate, and Delegate.

Eliminate means that if there are certain tasks that could be done by a third party or you can hire someone else to do it for you, it might be worth doing so to free your time. Delegate runs in the same vein as this, as you look for someone else in the team that can handle certain tasks for you. That way, you have more time to think about higher level stuff for your company, like new products or services, or improving existing ones.

To hear more from Catherine Tindall and how you can automate tasks to streamline your business, continue listening to this episode.


Catherine Tindall is a CPA specializing in advanced tax reduction who proactively works with clients to reduce what they pay in tax while supporting their greater wealth-building and life goals. Her goal for every client is to provide a return on investment, in the first year, usually $15,000-100k+ in tax savings. With a focus on automation,

Catherine and her team set themselves apart by utilizing technology whenever possible to streamline their advisory services and to offer those services to anyone no matter where they are located. She is especially passionate about providing tools to support entrepreneurs and small business owners in navigating the changing tax landscape, as well as helping them reduce their overall tax burden through proactive strategies and advisory.

Most recently, Catherine appeared on Radio Entrepreneurs to share some insight on the COVID tax credits enabling listeners to take advantage of some of those credits that are still available.

Connect with Catherine Tindall today!

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He's the founder of the renowned Bottleneck Distant Assistant Services firm, and his book "Quit Repeating Yourself" has become a must-read for entrepreneurs everywhere.

When he's not busy building his empire, you can find him on his beloved Harley Davidson, cruising through the countryside and taking in the invigorating effects of Uitwaaien – a Dutch practice that involves facing the wind to boost health and relieve stress.

He enjoys spending his free time outside building stuff with his wife, Nikita the dog and their two kittens (for now at least) Tommy and Tater.

He is ‘over-the-moon’ happily married to his wonderful wife Sara, his amazing daughter, Jessica, who is serving our country as a United States Army soldier. Jaime and Sara are the proud grand parents of two beautiful little girls.


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