AWIR with Jaime & Sara | Setting Goals


AWIR with Jaime & Sara | Setting Goals

To stay motivated, we often set goals to push ourselves to do our tasks successfully. There are different goals that we set, and we have our own ways to get them done. Happy to share tips, Bottleneck Distant Assistants (BNDA) CEO Jaime Jay and COO Sara Knox talk about what they do and how they set goals in their daily lives and at their company.

Macro and Micro Goals

Sara says that there are different goals, and they differ from how big and small they are. She thinks that big goals, for example, are the retirement goal and burial plot goal. On the other hand, micro-goals are those you set daily, like the goals you put in a check-in list.

“I love checking things off my list I check things off and I look at it at the end of the day I’m like, “Oh! I got all this done, now I have a couple I didn’t get done but wow, look what I did get done.” Even if I just check one off, maybe it was something that was really hard but that’s how I feel about goals.”  – Sara Knox

Difference Between Mission and Vision

Jaime states that there is a huge difference between a mission and a vision. He says that mission is what they do daily to achieve these daily objectives, and vision is working hard towards something down the road. To elaborate more about it, he shares their company’s mission and vision.

“The way that our company’s set up too is what we aspire to do like what people aspire to do. Where you want to go and where we hope somewhere down the road something will happen. But, the mission at least here for Bottleneck is what we want to achieve on a daily objective.” – Jaime Jay

The Overall Encompassing Goal

Sara says that their vision is their overall encompassing goal to help out business leaders. Jaime says that they want to help business leaders by hiring a distant assistant to save money and time and to stop doing the wrong things. Additionally, Sara says that their mission is to provide a remote-based distant assistant for business leaders who want to build deep personal relationships.

“The more profitability we have as business leaders, the more chance we can give our staff raises and the more chance we can spend money in our own communities. The more chance we can start giving to charities, the more chance we can start doing more and more good for the world. That’s kind of where our leading with kindness mentality kind of comes into play.” – Jaime Jay

To know more about BNDA CEO Jaime Jay and COO Sara Knox and their week in review at Bottleneck Distant Assistants, watch this episode.


Jaime and Sara run a business that helps business owners alleviate the mundane details of their daily lives that free them up to do their best work. The company is called Bottleneck Virtual Assistants. Jaime and Sara are a married couple who enjoys spending time together playing hockey, boating, spending time with family and friends, and traveling. They also love their dog, Nikita. 

Sara and Jaime went out on their back porch on this beautiful sunny day in Springfield, MO. From their back deck, they talk about all the workflows they are putting in place, building a great culture within their organization from a distant relationship – or remote-based environment. They discuss the challenges, but they also enjoy the successes. 

They have recently launched the ‘ALL NEW BOTTLENECK’ in a brand new category called ‘DEDICATED DISTANT ASSISTANTS’. Bottleneck Virtual Assistants is the world’s first Dedicated Distant Assistant company.

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About Bottleneck Distant Assistants

Bottleneck Distant Assistants identifies, cultivates, and hires Dedicated Distant Assistants from the Philippines. We appreciate the unique Filipino culture that is in line with our core beliefs and integrated into our own company culture. Our Distant Assistants also share the same love for supporting business growth worldwide. Our Value Proposition: Helping our clients stop doing so many daily tasks to they are able to do their best work! There is not a better feeling than to have one of our clients let us know how much they appreciate the service we provide because of the impact it has made in their business and more important, in their personal lives.