AWIR with Jaime & Sara: The Importance of Follow-Up


The Importance of Follow-Up | Jaime & Sara

Today on Live with Bottleneck, we talk all about the importance of following up in an organization. Jaime Jay and Sara give us updates as well as their insights on how you can stop the bottleneck in your business through the use of effective follow-up.

Importance of Following Up

Sara and Jaime share their successes and challenges for the past few weeks. In addition, they also answer a few questions that have popped up from their live audience and discuss what they have learned through their recent experiences. They share just how important following up is in terms of establishing a proper work flow and increasing productivity from DAs (Distant Assistant), to business leaders, and to clients as well.

“Following up is extremely important because I think following up shows passion, following up shows respect, and following up keeps the ball rolling in the process. It’s really super important that when you do something there’s always a next action until you finish it. And then when you finish something, there has to be a signal or an identifier that says okay we’re done.” – Jaime Jay

Intake Review Meeting (IRM)

In this regard, Jaime and Sara discuss their additional steps to the onboarding workflow and how this gathered information has helped them fill the gap for their clients and DAs. They share how this has enabled them to move forward and maintain a consistent message that all parties understand and agree upon. This insight has helped them establish a better workflow and proper prioritization of tasks. 

“In this intake review meeting, while we’re talking with the client, this gives us an opportunity to understand what they want to do and help set the expectations. And agree on those expectations, so that when we move forward, we move forward with a consistent message that we both understand. Or should I say all three of us understand: us, the D.A, and the client. ” – Jaime Jay

90 Day Implementation Plan

Jaime and Sara share the process of how they acquire feedback and place that into a plan, source a highly skilled DA, and all the while maintaining proper communication with their client. They discuss how this has helped build a relationship of trust and communication within all parties involved. In addition, the results in 90 days can lead to 15 tasks effectively handled and processed .

“We’re actually going to walk through what we believe we can help them with over the course of the next 90 days. This is huge. Every two weeks we’re going to meet with the client and the DA, separately, to make sure that they feel comfortable in what’s happening moving forward, and that they’re ready to take the next step.” – Jaime Jay

To know more about the importance of following up, watch this episode. 


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