AWIR with Jaime & Sara: Workflows, Deadlines, and Sales – OH MY!


Today, Bottleneck Virtual Assistants CEO Jaime Jay, and COO Sara Knox talk about Workflows, Deadlines, and Sales. This Edition of A Week in Review contains information and processes on how you can improve your companies efficiency through the use of a systematized workflow.

The Need To Constantly Change

Creating a good system and workflow provides businesses with a good process. This greatly helps in addressing and dealing with future problems. Jamie and Sara talk about how businesses are dynamic and always changing, thus the need to constantly update systems and workflows. Further, they share the challenges that they’ve experienced, and what they do to overcome those challenges.

Business is dynamic and things are always changing. We’re really dialing in and nailing down on our system and process. It’s been so detail-oriented. It’s a lot of work. We’re having a lot of meetings. We’re going over workflows. We’re questioning a lot of things like ‘If that happens what do we do?’ Our whole team has come together in creating the best ways to efficiently handle these challenges.” – Sara Knox

Consistency in Terms Used

Jamie and Sara also talk about the best way to avoid confusion and ensure everyone will be working on the same page. Unclear roles and unmanaged work can oftentimes lead to massive confusion and ultimately, cause a lot of setbacks in goals. 

One thing that we’ve discovered is consistency with terms. It’s important to define what each specific term means. Because if we’re confused, as a leadership team, then our clients and assistants are going to be even more confused since we’ll be giving them different messages and if we’re using different terminology to describe the same things it’s going to cause mass confusion.” – Jamie Jay

The ‘How’ and the ‘What’

An existing workflow would oftentimes still have loopholes. Problems can still occur and dealing with it efficiently can become quite troubling. Based on past experiences, the duo shares one good strategy to efficiently determine those problems and how to plan for the worst and yet still expect the best outcome.

What we’re doing is ‘The How’ and ‘The What’ we’ve separated those two things, The How is a step-by-step workflow and The What is like a mind map so the work is being done by everybody. Every single step of the process we have a what-if on both those scenarios breaking down every single step of the process. It’s very intuitive and so logical.” – Jaime Jay

To know more about Bottleneck Virtual Assistants CEO Jaime Jay and COO Sara Knox and their week in a review about Workflows, Deadlines, and Sales, watch this episode.


Jaime and Sara run a business that helps business owners alleviate the mundane details of their daily lives that free them up to do their best work. The company is called Bottleneck Virtual Assistants. Jaime and Sara are a married couple who enjoys spending time together playing hockey, boating, spending time with family and friends, and traveling. They also love their dog, Nikita. 

Sara and Jaime went out on their back porch on this beautiful sunny day in Springfield, MO. From their back deck, they talk about all the workflows they are putting in place, building a great culture within their organization from a distant relationship – or remote-based environment. They discuss the challenges, but they also enjoy the successes. 

They are getting ready for a big launch next week, as of the time of this Livestream, and are excited to be launching the ‘ALL NEW BOTTLENECK’ in a brand new category called ‘DEDICATED DISTANT ASSISTANTS’. Bottleneck Virtual Assistants is the world’s first Dedicated Distant Assistant company. 

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Bottleneck Distant Assistants identifies, cultivates, and hires Dedicated Distant Assistants from the Philippines. We appreciate the unique Filipino culture that is in line with our core beliefs and integrated into our own company culture. Our Distant Assistants also share the same love for supporting business growth worldwide. Our Value Proposition: Helping our clients stop doing so many daily tasks to they are able to do their best work! There is not a better feeling than to have one of our clients let us know how much they appreciate the service we provide because of the impact it has made in their business and more important, in their personal lives.