AWIR with Sara & Jaime: Supporting Your Team

AWIR with Sara & Jaime: Supporting Your Team

Support and motivation are must-have in a team to build a good relationship with each other. Communicating well promotes unity, and it avoids misunderstandings that might put the team into bad shape.

With this edition of AWIR, Bottleneck Distant Assistants CEO Jaime Jay and COO Sara Knox share what they do to support their team toward success. They also share their achievements for the past week that involve a lot of amazing people.

Supporting Your Team

Sara says that her definition of “supporting your team” is simply being there for them. Jaime adds that it’s a give and take process because they support their team, and their team supports them in return. They also express how thankful they are to be surrounded by amazing people in their work.

“It actually turns out to be quite a lot of fun when the team is working together. If someone is down, someone else can come in and pick them up, and you know if someone’s having a challenge maybe someone else can help out.” – Jaime Jay

The Power of AI Technology

Jaime is grateful to Dr. Terry Levine and the Springfield Association of Human Resource Administrators for having him to talk about the future workplace of working in a COVID environment. He is also thankful to Dan Goldstein for sharing his infinite wisdom with regards to AI technology. Additionally, Jaime shares how the software can help people to go back to work safely using AI:

“It’s really cool because it can identify all the people that need to collaborate and then it can also identify all the people that don’t need to come into the office they can work remotely” – Jaime Jay

Programs, Systems, and Processes

Jaime introduces Bottleneck’s new program called “90-Day Implementation Plan”. It is a program where they take every detailed information from their leads to be able to set up plans, training schedules, and workflows well. Further, Sarah explains how systems and processes lead to success.

“This is systems and processes. Just laying it out, and they’re like: “Oh wow, so we’re going to focus on what’s important first.”. They’re going to master what’s important first, and then they’ll work on the second tier, you know, the things that aren’t quite so important. Then, you go to the third tier, and then you know pretty soon they’ve got it all mastered, and guess what they then have a workflow.” – Sara Knox

To know more about Bottleneck Distant Assistants CEO Jaime Jay and COO Sara Knox and Supporting Your Team, watch this episode.


Jaime and Sara run a business that helps business owners alleviate the mundane details of their daily lives that free them up to do their best work. The company is called Bottleneck Virtual Assistants. Jaime and Sara are a married couple who enjoys spending time together playing hockey, boating, spending time with family and friends, and traveling. They also love their dog, Nikita.

Sara and Jaime went out on their back porch on this beautiful sunny day in Springfield, MO. From their back deck, they talk about all the workflows they are putting in place, building a great culture within their organization from a distant relationship – or remote-based environment. They discuss the challenges, but they also enjoy the successes. 

They have recently launched the ‘ALL NEW BOTTLENECK’ in a brand new category called ‘DEDICATED DISTANT ASSISTANTS’. Bottleneck Virtual Assistants is the world’s first Dedicated Distant Assistant company. 

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