Beyond Mindfulness: Using the Pandemic to Empower Yourself | Catherine Sherlock

Leadership conversation coach Catherine Sherlock joins us today on Live with Bottleneck. She discusses how everyone can have self-empowerment and growth during this pandemic. She shares tips on how people can make profound changes to tap leadership potentials.  

Overcoming Fear-based Lives 

Catherine shares that she saw a disconnect between her personal and professional lives of individuals. She noticed how fear-based life is and adds that this mostly self-induced fear is one of the reasons why people are stuck in their lives.        

“We’re not separate. We divide ourselves into professional and personal but we’re not separate. Most of the time, we are reacting from a place of fear rather than being inspired.” – Catherine Sherlock 

Starting With Inner Journey

In addition, Catherine shares that there are a lot of studies regarding leadership. However, she reveals that the most powerful way is to start with the inner journey. She says that through this, people will be transformed individually rather than just adopting standard attributes. 

“Learning is from the inside-out. It transforms you and so it should be really personal. It should deal with the challenges you’re having but it should also ask you about your aspirations…those aspirations really pull you in.” – Catherine Sherlock

Conscious Journey To Leadership

Catherine advises that a leader should still have time to be quiet and meditate and listen to themselves. This is essential in order for a person to access his/her own wisdom.

She discusses that the conscious journey to leadership is recognizing things that other people fail to. It is about exploring deeper places to elevate consciousness  

“The problem with companies is they hire all this outside training to do change. But they never stop to make the space for the change to occur. You have to give the people the tools to make the space in their lives for the change to occur. Otherwise, it’s not going to stick because going to be very mental learning and not embodied learning. They’re going to take it and they’re going to go back because slowly, life is gonna take over again.” – Catherine Sherlock

To know more about how to self-empowerment and leadership during this pandemic and for more information about Catherine Sherlock, watch this episode.


Catherine Sherlock plays on the edge of human potential and focuses on elevating the leadership conversation. She operates in a realm where many are too afraid or too distracted to go, elevating lives and leadership in the process.

After her Master’s, Catherine worked as an environmental and sustainability consultant. She served all levels of government, business, non-profits, and other agencies. Her work encompassed a wide range of areas including organizational development, research, communications, evaluation, land management, and education.

While she loved that work, she felt a yearning to be able to make deeper and lasting change in the world.

As she sought to create more profound change, more and more of her personal journey seeped into her work. As she did so, it became increasingly transformative for clients. It became increasingly obvious that real change requires a shift in inner conditions. As people connect to their inner wisdom, they begin to see opportunities and choice points that were not visible before. 

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