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BNDA Restarts During COVID-19 Announces New Remote Work Category/Business model

BNDA Restarts During COVID-19 Announces New Remote Work Category/Business Model

August 27, 2020 – Springfield, MO – A new remote work business model has been launched to offer companies an alternative to the traditional virtual assistant model.

Looking for solutions in the face of Covid-19, Bottleneck DistantAssistants (BNDA) owner Jaime Jay developed the innovation after realizing businesses needed a more tailored and trusted virtual assistant experience. And then he created a certification process to instill these two elements.

BNDA had a stellar year in 2019. Revenues were up by 34% and the company was poised for record growth in 2020. *What they were not poised for was COVID-19 and a devastating impact on their bottom line. Revenues were slashed by 50% and the usual 25 to 30 sales calls a week was reduced to five or less.

BNDA Founder, Jaime Jay reached out to a colleague and Category Design Expert, Christopher Lochhead for help. During their meeting, Christopher reminded Jaime that he and his team had been doing social distancing (remote work) long before it was a requirement. He suggested they simply build more trust in the process.

Over the next 90 days, Jaime and his team created a new business model and category – the DDA or Dedicated Distant Assistant. The new model resonated, and sales have returned to pre-COVID levels.

“The standard virtual assistant model is almost entirely task-based and transactional. Tasks are assigned to available resources and although there may be a single point of contact, it’s difficult to know who will do the actual work or what their capabilities are.

“We knew that to deepen the trust factor, we needed to provide a more relational, talent-based experience. Our DDA partners in the Philippines have always been top-notch, but we saw an opportunity to make them even more valuable to our clients by training, and matching their talent via software.”

DDA’s are trained as personal assistants to our clients and Project Managers for our three core service offerings: Web Management, Audio Visual Editing, and Graphic Design. This alleviates the need to secure specialists in each of these core areas and frees our clients up to focus on their best work.

BNDA has chosen not to trademark its new model. Instead they encourage others to embrace it.

“The new business model celebrates the skills of our Filipino DDAs. It’s been a great confidence boost for our team to see their talents officially recognized with certified qualifications.”*

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*The Philippines is the most pro-American country in the world, according to Wikipedia. The Filipino literacy rate is higher than that of the US and 70% of its citizens are fluent in English.

Bottleneck Distant Assistants was founded in 2016 and serves Entrepreneurs and small business owners in seven countries.

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