Bottleneck’s Hot August Nights: Get up to $1250 off on your new Distant Assistant in the month of August

Bottleneck’s Hot August Nights: Get up to $1250 off on your new Distant Assistant in the month of August

Bottleneck’s Founder Jaime Jay is a big fan of the month of August. It’s a time when the weather is just right for long rides on bikes and enjoying the company of people outside. Given the past couple of years, we could all use the time to enjoy ourselves outside of our homes and pursue old hobbies or travel to new places. 

That said, not everyone has the time to do just that. Spending time away from work may not be an option. What do you consider the most valuable currency in your business? For most business leaders, it’s Time. So how does Jaime run the business and find the time to enjoy his long rides this August? 

He has Distant Assistants take care of things for him, of course!

Distant Assistants are a great way to save the time and stress of trying to manage multiple, large-scale projects all at once. That way, you can take rest days and actually rest, without worrying about operations or things grinding to a halt while you are away.

So why are we telling you all of this? Because for the month of August, Bottleneck will have our very own Hot August Nights and will be offering tons of discounts for those who want to experience having a Distant Assistant of their very own!

bottleneck distant assistant hot august nights 2022

What do you get for signing up?

For starters, we’ll be slashing our onboarding fee by 50%! You will be guaranteed vetted, trained Distant Assistant candidates at half the usual cost.

Not only that, but you also get a $500 discount from your subscription service for two months when you eventually sign up for a full-time subscription.

That’s over $1000 saved right there, and you get an amazing assistant for yourself and your team!

You can also take advantage of our ISP services that come with hiring a Distant Assistant, so it’s like hiring a full team for the price of one!

Still not convinced? Check out all the details here on our website:

Do you have other questions about hiring a Distant Assistant? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that might answer some of those questions. You can also schedule a consultation with us, so you can ask us questions that could be specific to your business.

This special deal will only last until the 31st of August, so grab it while you can!

About Bottleneck Distant Assistants

Bottleneck Distant Assistants identifies, cultivates, and hires Dedicated Distant Assistants from the Philippines. We appreciate the unique Filipino culture that is in line with our core beliefs and integrated into our own company culture. Our Distant Assistants also share the same love for supporting business growth worldwide. Our Value Proposition: Helping our clients stop doing so many daily tasks to they are able to do their best work! There is not a better feeling than to have one of our clients let us know how much they appreciate the service we provide because of the impact it has made in their business and more important, in their personal lives.