Breakthroughs! Unstick Priorities with Rapid Innovation with Mark Cook | Live with Bottleneck

In today’s Live with Bottleneck, our guest Mark Cook shares how you can make bold breakthroughs in your business.

Mark Cook is a New York Times bestselling innovator. He is known in various tech teams and hired for his ability to push businesses “beyond the box”. He is also the host of Bold Breakthroughs, a podcast available on Youtube, Apple, and other podcasting services.

So if you’re looking for ideas on how to take your business to the next level, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is Mark Cook?

Mark Cook started off his career working under FranklinCovey, which was originally 2 companies by Franklin Quest and the Covey Organization. Mark was originally on the Franklin side, where they created day planners and taught time management and leadership to other companies.

Working out the merger with Covey was a tough ordeal, according to Mark. But it was not without its upsides.

“We worked with Covey, and that was a difficult merger because it was like trying to merge two religions. It was tough, and my side was having me do some really interesting projects that were kinda high-profile projects. But then Covey said, we want him. So they threw me over at Covey, and it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.” – Mark Cook

Mark got to work with Steven R. Covey himself, as well as Covey’s sons. He particularly admired that they always stuck their necks out for little guys like himself when Mark was still starting out.

Helping others achieve Innovation

For Mark, working with Steven Covey infected him with the bug of helping others achieve their potential. Over the years, he has been a turnaround CEO, a marketing executive, and a sales executive. His main focus is to help others achieve their goals through his innovative ideas.

“You go into a group, (and) you share a process that’s based on research. You hear someone say, “gosh, I think this saved my career!” Those are more fulfilling than hearing someone say “I just made $7 million dollars in our sessions today and this week!” – Mark Cook

Obviously, earning money for your company is great. But to Mark, there is a certain satisfaction in helping someone advance in their career, or pointing someone into the right path to improve their business.

Overcoming Adversity to reach Breakthroughs

Mark shares a story on why he went solo in the first place. At the time, he had a medical issue that did not allow him to be mobile most of the time. So he had to find a way to do everything on his back, as he recovered from his condition back then.

“I could just wait for healing, or I could sit there on my laptop independently, reconstitute what I’ve been doing, make it my own and do more research. And that’s how I’ve gone out of my way as I healed from that. I got up on the very last day of the healing cycle and stood in front of a large accounting group of all people, teaching them innovation and how to quickly turn around these bottlenecks in their process. It was an interesting day.” – Mark Cook

To hear more from Mark Cook and how you can achieve breakthroughs in your career and business, continue listening to this episode.


Mark Cook is a New York Times bestselling innovator. Mark has spoken to and embedded in 4,000 sales, IT and OPs teams to unstick priorities and create breakthroughs. After earning a master in business, Mark led nine global studies on award-winning work. He has led as a turnaround CEO, executive of sales and marketing and a co-founder of C7’s tech-exit of $123 million. Mark’s passion for work stems from his early mentor Stephen Covey.​ And Mark is the father of five sons with wife Annika.

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