Building a Life of Fulfillment | Chris Anderson

Today on Live with Bottleneck, we have Chris Anderson, the founder and CEO of Pencil Leadership, to talk about health, purpose, and wealth. He believes that everyone is created with amazing potential and that we should lean into it. He is a success and lifestyle coach and he provides guidance to people about life and business.

Helping Other People

Chris starts introducing himself, what he does, and how he came up with the name Pencil Leadership. He says that he is a country boy who grew up with loving parents. However, he dealt with depression, suicidal thoughts, and self-worth issues so he knows that he wants to help other people by coaching about life issues.

“I focus on millennial coaches and helping them start putting in systems that help them build their own confidence. Help them to see their worth and potential because starting out it’s like imposter syndrome, you hear it all the time. So, helping them get through that and then helping them put in a system that’s going to allow them to grow to bring in clients, help other people, and then from there expand.” – Chris Anderson

Remember The Why

Chris answers Jaime’s question on how he gets through the challenging aspects of doing what he loves to do, even if it’s hard. He states an example of him running in a marathon where he needs to remember why he’s there in order to reach the finish line. Additionally, he says that some goals are hard to achieve and you have to thrive for it but it will all be worth it as long as you keep in mind why you’re doing it.

“You have to hold on to that why, that big, big picture, and then start focusing on what little steps you have to take every day and consistently. No matter what, sick, down, not the results you want because eventually, that’s going to start compounding and then you’re going to start getting better and it’s going to start coming so you got to remember the why.” – Chris Anderson

Definition of Fulfillment

Jaime asks Chris what is the definition of fulfillment. Chris mentions the book Think and Grow Rich. He related it with the idea of fulfillment, saying that the man in the book is successful because he had the freedom to choose the path that he loves. That is his definition of fulfillment.

“My definition of fulfillment is just being able to be free, having that freedom financially and time and then it goes around my definition of success. So it goes around choosing the path you’re on not just falling into an American dream or the mindset of ”okay I just need to get a corporate job that pays a lot of money” unless that’s what you love.” – Chris Anderson

To learn more about how to build a life of fulfillment and to know more about Chris Anderson, watch this episode.


On a mission to positively impact 1,000,000 lives by helping them get unstuck and build a life of fulfillment to leave a positive mark on the world.

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