Building and Updating Systems and Processes – A Week in Review


Building and Updating Systems and Processes – A Week in Review

One of the biggest challenges with business owners today is worrying and making sure that things are getting done properly. Thankfully, systems and processes exist to make things easier and to avoid wasting headspace wondering whether or not things are being taken care of.

Join Bottleneck Distant Assistants CEO Jaime Jay and COO Sara Knox today as they talk about how to build and update systems and processes. Also, they talk about the challenges they faced in the past week and what’s next for them.

Building and Updating Systems and Processes

There are tons of problems and obstacles when you’re running a business. Jaime says that systems and processes give you the confidence to jump over those hurdles. He also says that building them takes a lot of trust and patience, and whoever you’re working with should understand what your mission is.

“Systems and processes are living breathing aspects of your business. Once you finish building these, the work’s just beginning. It’s harder in the beginning. After you’ve built it, you now have the foundation. But when you grow, you’re going to find different friction points. You’re going to need to keep reinventing or keep adding on it once another challenge is here.” – Jaime Jay

The Importance of a Good Workflow

Sara and Jaime share a recent challenge in their business that they’ve hadn’t come across before. They said that they mishandled many things because they didn’t have a step-by-step process in place. Despite all the stress, they did their best to build new systems and processes as a solution and took it as a learning experience:

“Now we never have to worry about this again. We can go click on our little linked table of contents in our workflow manual. It’ll take us to the step-by-step process for it and who’s responsible for that operation.” – Jaime Jay

How Systems and Processes Help

Jaime advises everyone who runs a business to pay attention to every problem, even if it’s just a small friction point. He says that these small things can pile up and make you feel overwhelmed. Also, he says that it is the perfect moment when systems and processes are a huge help because of their step-by-step workflow.

“Like what happened to us, that small little tweak the other day was defined by few, and we found out the biggest problem was one person was thinking this and the other person was thinking this. As soon as we married those thoughts together, we knew where the problem was. So that’s important to understand, and this is what building and updating systems and processes will help you do.” – Jaime Jay

To know more about Bottleneck Distant Assistants CEO Jaime Jay and COO Sara Knox and Building and Updating Systems and Processes, watch this episode.


Jaime and Sara run a business that helps business owners alleviate the mundane details of their daily lives that free them up to do their best work. The company is called Bottleneck Virtual Assistants. Jaime and Sara are a married couple who enjoys spending time together playing hockey, boating, spending time with family and friends, and traveling. They also love their dog, Nikita.

Sara and Jaime went out on their back porch on this beautiful sunny day in Springfield, MO. From their back deck, they talk about all the workflows they are putting in place, building a great culture within their organization from a distant relationship – or remote-based environment. They discuss the challenges, but they also enjoy the successes. 

They have recently launched the ‘ALL NEW BOTTLENECK’ in a brand new category called ‘DEDICATED DISTANT ASSISTANTS’. Bottleneck Virtual Assistants is the world’s first Dedicated Distant Assistant company. 

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