Building Better Cultures | Devin Craig


Building Better Cultures | Devin Craig

A good company culture promotes leader-employee engagement. It helps maintain positivity and optimism in the workplace. It is also essential in because everyone shares the same belief system. Today, coach and consultant Devin Craig joins us to share his insights, opinions, and tips on how to build a better culture in a company.

Definition of Culture

Devin defines culture as the relationship that someone has with their organization. It involves the relationship of the people within the organization as a whole. He also says that focusing even on small things will help everyone understand each other.

“There are lots of little things that go into the relationship. Small little conversations, little nuances, and being clear about what that relationship is all about like what these people’s roles are.” – Devin Craig

The Essence of Clarity

Devin shares his experience when he once fired an employee because he doesn’t fit in their organization. The employee raged, and Devin admitted that he was a bad boss at that moment and eventually reflected on it. It made him want to learn more about leading and management, and he looks back at that story whenever he coaches business owners:

“So that’s typically where I start with any organization or any leader. We got to start by being exceedingly clear about what it is we actually believe here, what we are trying to accomplish, where we are trying to go, and what’s the ultimate mission. They have to be exceedingly clear on that stuff.” – Devin Craig

Creating a Mission for the Company

Devin talks about how a company’s mission helps build a better culture. He says that a mission should be simple, repeatable, and understandable so that it’s easy to remember and everyone will grasp it naturally. He also says that it should evolve and change once it is fulfilled so that the company will stay connected and updated to its environment.

“We’re actually using it to help guide our decisions and our thinking, but when we’re not using that stuff to help guide our decisions or our thinking, then it’s just a plaque on the wall.” – Devin Craig

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Devin is on a mission to help organizations and the people within them flourish. Specifically, by building awesome workplace cultures through honing clarity, building super people managers, and highly cohesive teams.

He is the author of a book called Super Manager: How to Unlock People and Organizational Performance and Potential through Great People Leadership. He has a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga and my Bachelors in Political Science from UW.

He’s been a people manager at various levels in a wide variety of size and type organizations ranging from Fortune 500s to a small independently owned franchise and even the military.

His approach to teaching, training, coaching, consulting, and leading can best be described as simple, fun, and effective. He has helped thousands of people become better managers, succeed as new and experienced managers, build more high performing teams and awesome work cultures, and enjoy their work more and advance in their lives and careers.

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