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On this episode of Live with Bottleneck, our guest Iyman Bradwell-El talks about Business Etiquette, and how important it is in establishing the basics correctly before even entering the business world.

Iyman Bradwell-El is Co-Founder of Dabi’s Daughter, which is named after her mother. She has always helped others and decided to put her education, hard work and love for others together in a Nonprofit Program for young ladies, ages 15 to 17.

So if you want to learn the proper business etiquettes and build up your business to be a great and respected entity, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is Iyman Bradwell-El?

The conversation starts with both Jaime and Iyman agreeing that growing up, there wasn’t enough education that covers business etiquette, even up until today. Iyman shares that her daughter also commented on this as such:

“I remember my daughter said that she maybe had a class or two of business etiquette. But that’s not enough.

When your child leaves home – first of all, you should have taught them everything you could possibly teach them. That is your responsibility as a parent / guardian. But when you put them in a school system, it’s their job to teach them how to live beyond mom and dad, and how to live in the real world. How to start businesses or become incorporated in a business. And that includes business Etiquette. “ – Iyman Bradwell-El

This is what Iyman’s non-profit organization, Dabi’s Daughter, advocates for. They teach young ladies about how to live in the real world, either if they want to be part of a company or want to establish one of their own.

Iyman Bradwell-El on Business Etiquette

Iyman defines Business Etiquette as business manners. Much like the manners we were taught growing up, it is how we conduct ourselves in the business world. The lingo might be different, but the idea remains the same.

“It is how you act, dress, and talk. It’s your verbals & non-verbals, and how you communicate. You have to be mindful that you’re doing these things – You going into a company, are doing these things.” – Iyman Bradwell-El

The great thing about exemplifying these traits and aspects is that you can identify when a company or business is has a toxic environment, because you already have a clear basis of what good business etiquette is. Also, you will definitely stand out from your co-workers, and maybe even those who are higher up, as you continue to display such manners in your day-to-day work.

Things You Wish You’ve Learned Beforehand

Jaime shares his story of getting acquainted with the “real world”, so to speak. He mentions that there were things that he wished he knew before as he went to the military, and again when he went from the military to the corporate world. Knowing such things would’ve helped him prepare on what to expect to come into, or how to deal with different situations.

Iyman wholeheartedly agrees, and adds that as an older generation, it is our duty to guide the younger individuals so that they might avoid unpleasant circumstances. Not to the point of overprotecting, but to prevent those things that might have serious consequences down the road if left unchecked.

This is what Iyman and Dabi’s Daughter is all about. They provide some much-needed guidance to young individuals, so that they can find their bearings in the world, but still be free to decide on where to take their talents and efforts.

To learn more about Iyman Bradwell-El and proper Business Etiquette, continue listening to this episode.


Iyman Bradwell-El is Co-Founder of Dabi’s (Duh-Byes) Daughter, which is named after her mother, in Adoration. She has always helped others and decided to put her education, hard work and love for others together in a Nonprofit Program for young ladies- ages 15 to 17.

Dabi’s Daughter focuses on Business Etiquette, Business Administration and Communication. The Program is a 40-hour Program that encompasses Women Business Owners as Guest Speakers. This will give them a guide of discipline in the real business world.

She serves as:

  • Co-Chair of the NAF-IT Nonprofit Advisory Committee for Rocky River High School
  • Secretary/ Treasury for BNI- South Park Producers
  • Co-Founder of Samad Sons (which is the equivalent of Dabi’s Daughter for young men of the same age)
  • Member of The Matthews Chamber of Commerce
  • Leader of Alignables “Hiring Best Practices” and “Leaders, Education and Youth Professionals” Groups

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