Can Consulting Firms Experience Bottlenecks and How to Navigate Them with Ed Evarts

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In today’s Live with Bottleneck, leadership coach and author Ed Evarts explains how consulting firms experience bottlenecks, and ways to navigate through them.

Ed Evarts is a leadership coach, team coach, strategist, podcast host, and author who helps successful leaders build their self-awareness so they can self-manage more effectively.

So if you want to learn how you can avoid bottlenecks in your business, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is Ed Evarts?

Ed Evarts has spent 25 years in Corporate America, working mostly in retailing organizations and in the business-to-business services field in the latter part of it.

In 2008, he decided to transition into his own independent practice, eventually fine-tuning his services to provide leadership coaching, team coaching, and strategic business practices for different companies.

He’s main goal is to provide companies with effective ways to manage their business in a sustainable manner. He opens their insights and self-awareness as to what their company has, and what it can be capable of, given their current situation.

“I work with organizations that are roughly five to ten million dollars in revenue that are at a pivot point. Either due to new geography, services, or tools that they are pursuing, but they don’t know how to move forward in effective ways.” – Ed Evarts

The Journey So Far

Ed would’ve never imagined that he would be doing these things when he started his own company 14 years ago. But the combination of his 25 years in Corporate America, as well as the seemingly random jobs he took while building up his company help shaped what he is today.

“Sometimes a journey we’re on takes us in new and unique ways, and we just need to enjoy the ride.” – Ed Evarts

That journey would not only lead to Ed becoming a great coach and strategist, but also become a podcast host and an author.

Sharing His Knowledge and Experience to the World

Ed then talks about his podcast, Be Brave at Work. It is about conversations on how people experience bravery in the workplace, and the lessons that can help people think about their own opportunities to be brave.

The same could be said for his published works. His first book, Raise Your Visibility and Value, was a reflection of his 25 years in Corporate America.

“When I left my last employer, it was around the 2008 recession, and networking was everywhere. So I wanted to share some of the lessons and expectations that people might have as they start transitioning to their next opportunity.” – Ed Evarts

Similarly, his new book “Drive Your Career” focuses on his experiences while being a coach and consulting for different companies. He wants to share what he has learned while dealing with different situations, and how some have similar bottlenecks despite being different in their scale.

To hear more from Ed Evarts and how you can navigate the bottlenecks in your business, continue listening to this episode.


Ed Evarts is the founder and president of Excellius Leadership Development, a Boston-based coaching organization. He works with successful leaders to increase their self-awareness so they can manage themselves more productively; with successful teams to ensure their time together is as productive as possible; and with smaller organizations, at a pivot point in their evolution, to help them plan strategically and purposefully.

Ed is the author of “Raise Your Visibility & Value: Uncover the Lost Art of Connecting on the Job” and “Drive Your Career: 9 High-Impact Ways to Take Responsibility for Your Own Success.” He is also the host of Be Brave at Work, a weekly podcast in which leaders share stories about bravery—or the lack of it—in their careers, and the impact their choices have had on their career progression.

Ed is a past president of the International Coach Federation of New England, the fifth-largest coaching affiliation group in the United States.

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