Content Marketing Systems for Creation and Promotion| Daniel Daines-Hutt


Content Marketing Systems for Creation and Promotion | Daniel Daines-Hutt

In today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck, we talk all about content marketing systems for creation and promotion with our special guest, Daniel Daines-Hutt. Daniel is a self-confessed ‘marketing nerd’ and the Co-Founder for Ampmycontent. He has a background of direct response advertising, but, ironically, is more known for his content marketing.

Daniel has had the Top 10 content of all time on and top content of 2017 + 2018 Growth Hackers. He is a wizard with only eight articles. He has been referenced and shared by: Ryan Diess, Neil Patel, Joanne Weibe, Glen Allsopp, Co-Schedule, Active Campaign, and many more.

Biggest Cheat: Understanding The Audience

The biggest cheat is understanding the target audience that the business is writing for more than anything else. Daniel shares his professional background in direct response and how he has managed to apply this to content marketing in order to achieve effective content. In addition, for those unfamiliar with direct response, he defines this as the ability to marry copywriting and conversion with paid advertisements.

“Most marketing is connecting the dots between the person who wants this thing and the person who doesn’t even know that they want this thing. They just have a problem or a pain point and they don’t even know how to address it, there’s just this knowing pain. Then you have a product that can solve their pain. Maybe it’s a direct solution or maybe it’s four steps removed and they don’t even realize that this is the actual thing that will do the job. The more you can understand your audience and just help them understand those things, the easier it gets, basically.” – Daniel Daines-Hutt

Planting The Flag

Daniel discusses the importance of new blogs and even established blogs who are not effective to plant their flag. Planting the flag is the means of showing authority and becoming a leader who can provide information in one’s chosen space and expertise. The more focus placed on this, the more websites will then write and link to the topics and content written on one’s site, which will then create massive traffic and influence.

“If someone asks you, ‘who should I go check out about content promotion?’ Go check out Dan. Why? Cause he’s got five articles all about that. In this case, I now do Google ads, YouTube ads, all this other stuff, but I don’t talk about it on the site yet because I’m just talking about one thing right now. I do this so that I can plant my flag and be seen as your authority in that thing. That’s so important.” – Daniel Daines-Hutt

Amplify Content Academy

The Amplify Content Academy is a step-by-step content creation and promotion program made to help boost one’s content creating assets. This enables businesses to widen their pipelines and understand the problem, causes, and solutions for the audience’s pain points. Daniel dives deep on how the Academy can help one be more strategic about where and how to create and write so there is no need to write as often.

“The Academy has these core roadmaps, which are based around large specific goals. We have the 12 month content strategy. I have one about writing an article from start to finish and then promotion. So in the roadmap, I might talk about the types of content you might create. Then it will say, okay, go write an article and you can go into this roadmap, which will take you from start to finish, from an idea to a polished article meant to promote it. You can follow this one, but then if you want to supplement it with anything else, we also have content to teach you how to sell so that you can set on automation. We have content for traffic. We also have a content creation, if you’re creating YouTube videos.” – Daniel Daines-Hutt

To learn more about Daniel Daines-Hutt and content marketing systems for creation and promotion, watch this episode.


A self-confessed ‘marketing nerd’.

Daniel has a background in Direct Response advertising, but ironically, it’s his Content Marketing that people know him for

He’s had the Top 10 content of all time on and Top content of 2017 + 2018 on GrowthHackers

With only 8 articles in years, he’s been referenced or shared by:

Ryan Deiss
Neil Patel
Joanna Weibe
Glen Allsopp
Active Campaign and many more

He teaches people how to write less often, but get more traffic at

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