Coronavirus Effects on the Economy, Supply Chain, E-Commerce, and What We Have Seen Happen in China | Brian Miller


Brian Miller: Coronavirus Effects on the Economy, Supply Chain, E-Commerce, and What We Have Seen Happen in China

Entrepreneur Brian Miller joins us on this episode of Live With Bottleneck to discuss e-commerce. In the current changes brought about by the pandemic, Brian tells us how these changes affect the law of supply and demand. He also tells how e-commerce thrives now and its impact on production in China. 

Strain on the Supply and Demand Chain

Brian shares that one of the challenges they faced is the lack or the reduction of the supply of products. He says that this is due to the lack of manpower brought by the quarantine and rules imposed which inhibited certain factories from opening. However, he adds that they also had to deal with the reduced global demand since many countries closed their borders. 

“Therefore, you know, there was less economic activity. A lot of the factories, even though they are at full capacity, they weren’t able to get enough orders to manufacture anything. We’ve seen a supply constraint turn into a demand constraint over the past few months.” Brian Miller 

Surge in Logistics 

Brian mentions that there are also delays in the shipping of the products either from China or from the US due to the restrictions imposed. He says that many people are purchasing online right now which overloads most of the logistics lines. Brian adds that the other political restrictions also had an effect in the logistics of these products. 

“Actually, what a lot of people don’t know is that,  50% of the air freight in the world is put in the back or below a passenger aircraft. Since so much of the international flights were canceled, you basically had 50% of the air freight capacity taken out of the world.  This created a huge constraint on logistics globally.” Brian Miller

Accelerated Trend 

Brian discusses that with the coronavirus pandemic, the online purchasing became a trend not only for the youth but also for the older generation. He said that this change in the consumer behavior is a start for e-commerce to be a part of the norm. He says that people will not stop from purchasing online anytime soon. 

“We’re going to continue to invest in supporting these types of companies and creating better shipment solutions to help people that actually need to distribute their products around the world.” Brian Miller 

To know more about coronavirus effects on the economy, supply chain, e-commerce, and what we have seen happen in China and for more information about Brian Miller, watch this episode. 


Brian Miller has been living in China for the past 10 years. He previously worked for one of the largest Chinese government-owned manufacturers managing their North American Export operations. He now runs a 3rd party logistics warehouse in Shenzhen China called The company provides 3rd party logistics and shipping for Amazon FBA sellers and any e-commerce company creating products in China. Previous to Easy China Warehouse he founded and an E-commerce company that sells Bluetooth speakers. 

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