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On a special episode of Live with Bottleneck, our guest Dr. Caroline Brookfield talks about creativity. She believes that it’s the number one skill that everyone needs, and we already have it. Dr. Brookfield says that if everyone takes small unconventional actions to embrace our inherent creativity, we could change the world.

Dr. Caroline Brookfield is a researcher and a veterinarian. She is always up for a challenge, and she has a lot of stuff going on aside from her professions. Dr. Brookfield was diagnosed late in life with ADHD, which explains her disdain for pointless drivel.

If you’re interested to know how to spark your creativity and hone an important life skill, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is Dr. Caroline Brookfield?

Dr. Brookfield has several professions. She’s a veterinarian, a researcher, a Level 2 Creative Problem Solving facilitator, and a mother. She loves getting into a lot of things, including stand-up comedy, meditation, learning guitar, rock climbing, and many other things.

Caroline Brookfield has ADHD, and it makes her the life of the party, but not so much at pointless meetings that could have been an email. She would like to awaken everyone’s inner Creative, because creative people can change the world.

She is also writing a book called The Reluctant Creative, which will be coming out soon.

Creativity As A Life Skill

Dr. Brookfield says that creativity is a neurological process. It’s the activity that goes on in your brain when you are about to engage in something. You don’t need to make art to induce creativity, because you can be creative in the most mundane ways.

Deciding what to wear, where to go, or what to make for dinner are activities that trigger your creativity. It requires a personalized output, and there are several steps to coming up with that output.

Being creative isn’t just a fun activity. It has been scientifically proven that being creative makes a person happier, and it makes them want to create more. Dr. Brookfield calls it the infinity donut, which is a self-fulfilling circle.

In regular humans such as ourselves, creativity helps us gain confidence and barrel through whatever is going on in our lives. Companies who are creative, on the other hand, tend to retain their employees long-term. Employees who create everyday tend to have higher performance ratings and are less likely to find another job.

How To Induce Creativity In Your Life

Jaime and Dr. Brookfield suggest starting with the little things. Take any opportunity to induce creation, such as placing things on your work desk that can help you be productive. You’d be surprised at how creative you can get just by placing a picture on your table.

If you are able to personalize your workspace, do so. It would be the start of your journey to becoming more creative.

Boredom is also actually a very good way to jumpstart the creative process. For example, reading a boring book could help open up your desire to counter that boredom and write something amazing.

There are so many ways to induce creativity in your life. Just remember that you already have that particular life skill, you just need to find it and hone it.

For more tips from Dr. Caroline Brookfield on how to be more creative, continue listening to this episode.


Dr. Caroline Brookfield believes that if everyone took small, unconventional actions to embrace their inherent creativity, we could change the world. Trained as a veterinarian and researcher, she delights in using data and immersive experiences to convince the most reluctant creative. She is always up for a challenge, like stand-up comedy, learning guitar, rock climbing, getting her kids to eat vegetables, surfing, meditation retreats with sniper rifles. You know, the usual stuff. A late diagnosis of ADHD explains her deep distaste for irrelevant and pointless drivel. She’s a lot of fun at a party, an ideation meeting, or a strategy session, but not so much at pointless meetings that go nowhere.

Caroline holds her vet degree from the Ontario Veterinary College, she is a level 2 Creative Problem Solving facilitator and holds a certificate of professional management from the University of Calgary, where she lives, Her lectures go unheeded by her family. The dog listens, sometimes.

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