Culture Eats Strategy with Bottleneck Advisors with Brenda Batista-Mollohan

In today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck, Brenda Batista-Mollohan talks with us about being an advocate of Company Culture, and why it is important for stopping the Bottleneck in your business.

Brenda Batista-Mollohan is the Founder of Inspiring Company Culture. She helps leaders transform their work environments to be places where everyone is heard, valued, and appreciated. Brenda is an expert in establishing high-performing teams, healthy company culture, leadership, business system analysis, and strategic planning.

Engaging the People

A lot of companies wonder why the some changes they implement don’t seem to stick. Brenda talks about companies and business leaders implement changes that can improve their company’s performance, some fail to engage with the people on the ground.

“I was working with clients and noticed that we would come in and do projects and improve what was happening. And while you get results in about six to eight weeks, they’d fall apart after we have left. We did what we were supposed to do, but the results weren’t sustained.

It was kind of an AHA, because when did we engage the team that was going to stay there?” – Brenda Batista-Mollohan

This is often what happens when companies do not have their own people learn and absorb these new things themselves, but instead just sort of implement it.

Addressing Unhealthy Team Culture

Brenda shares her personal experience on having an unhealthy team culture. While the team they have were all performing as expected, there seems to be something that is blocking their capacity or potential to do better, almost like a Bottleneck. So they decided to do something about it.

“I decided we were going to change what was happening, and really focus on how to make things better for the team so that they wouldn’t want to leave. I ended up with a team that had zero voluntary turnover over a two-year time period. The teams around us were at about 20-25.

We actually get 20 percent more done and were able to absorb more work, but everyone got their time off. Everyone took their vacations. It was not “hold everything until we were done”. You can go if it’s your time to go.” – Brenda Batista-Mollohan

Getting Employees Excited in Coming to Work

Brenda also points out that companies should have a culture that makes people excited to come to work, rather than just do their daily grind. One way of doing so is checking in with your team to see their goals, whether in their career and in life. It gives you the insight as to what their goals are and somehow align it with your company’s goals.

“I would always ask this question now, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” It goes beyond what are your goals for the year, but what you really want to work on. What makes you excited to come to work. If it’s just for a check, then I need to know that because we have to change things.

It can’t just be about getting paid. It has to be about something you feel passionate about engaged in. – Brenda Batista-Mollohan”

To hear more from Brenda Batista-Mollohan and how you can transform your company’s work environment to something people are excited to work in, continue listening to this episode.


Brenda Batista-Mollohan is the Founder of Inspiring Company Culture where she helps leaders transform their work environments to be places where everyone is heard, valued, and appreciated.

Brenda is an expert in establishing high-performing teams, healthy company culture, leadership, business system analysis, and strategic planning. For the past 25 years, Brenda has focused on performance improvement and how the power of teams helps sustain business results. She helps teams engage and align with desired business outcomes by providing customized workshops, as well as group and leadership coaching either as a standalone or as part of a consulting project.

Brenda holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Systems Engineering, a Masters in Health Administration, and a Juris Doctorate.

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