Design Your Mind to Be Kind | Elizabeth Barry

Elizabeth Barry: Design Your Mind to Be Kind

We have today on Live With Bottleneck, Ms. Elizabeth Barry, an inspirational author, keynote speaker, and business and performance coach. She shares with us today her expertise in “kind” communication and compassionate leadership strategies.  

The Kindness Mantra

Elizabeth shares the challenge with people she’s working with is: encouraging them to change their language and use it wisely and positively, especially during this pandemic. Being a business coach and an empowerment coach, her books helped a lot of people’s positivity, thanks to her kindness mantras.  

“The secret here is to continuously reflect on your work and always refine, refine, refine.” – Elizabeth Barry

Focus On Your Audience

Elizabeth explains that kind communication is based on emotion and emotional intelligence.  She shares that one of the key components required to attain a stronger emotional intelligence is to focus on who your audience are: how they feel, what they like, what their needs are. This benefitted her greatly in terms of knowing and dealing with her clients better.

“Where do my clients see the most success? That’s the first thing. Use that and stay there. The second thing to do is what do you really like to do – where is your passion?” – Elizabeth Barry 

Calming and Self-Reflection

Elizabeth further shares that one of the things that helps in keeping the positive vibe is to find the things that calms you. She recommends nature as a calming point which she personally uses. 

“The most beautiful thing that we can all do right now is self-reflect and look at the muck, challenges, obstacles, the financial loss, and stuff that you don’t like and try to work through that because the only way up is through.” – Elizabeth Barry 

To know more about effective kind communication  and for more information about Elizabeth Barry and her works, watch this episode.


Elizabeth Barry is an inspirational author, keynote speaker, and performance coach. Her expertise in-kind communication and compassionate leadership strategies energize audiences to charismatically step into their highest self. 

Hire her to speak, coach or curate kind communication workshops and book signings at your global conference, organization or corporate office.


Books: Own Your Vulnerability, The Kind Communicator, and Design Your Mind to be Kind

Podcast: BeyondEgo. Be inspired. Be empowered.


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