Do Influencers Need A Distant Assistant?

Do Influencers need Distant Assistants

The influx of influencers has raised the demand for remote personal assistants. With their rise in social media comes the need for someone else to curate their content. They need someone to monitor statistics and schedule the content for various social media platforms.

Do Influencers need Distant Assistants
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Being an influencer isn’t all fun and games. Behind the glamorous shots posted on Instagram lies a complicated marketing strategy. Seeing several countries in a week? That’s a well-researched travel itinerary.

Distant assistants afford influencers the time and liberty to focus on content creation. These assistants handle the behind-the-scenes, including email organization and analytics reporting. Though there are some tasks such as content and graphic creation that might be outside of a personal assistant’s wheelhouse.


What Can An Influencer Allow their Distant Assistants to Do?

According to Brianne Huntsman, an influencer can hand off tasks that do not contribute to their online presence, such as:

  1. Manage Your Emails – Your Distant Assistant can check your emails for you daily, and just give you the important ones or those that need your attention ASAP. No more plowing through hundreds to emails just for that one or two important email. This can also include your social media inboxes.
  1. Schedule Events and Collabs – Keeping your schedule in check can be a hassle. With a Distant Assistant, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. All you have to do is show up. 
  1. Research Travel Itineraries – Thinking of a destination for your new content series? Have your Distant Assistant do the legwork and check out great accommodations and other interesting activities you can do for your vlogs. 
Does an influencer need a distant assistant
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  1. Organize Your Photos and Files – With all the shoots and impromptu shots that you take, it’s easy to accumulate a large cache of pictures and videos. Have your Distant Assistant sort it out for you, so you can easily find the perfect picture for your next Instagram post.


Money Matters

A trusted distant assistant can also handle some tasks which involve money or activities related to your income.

1. Paying for travel and other expenses. A Distant Assistant can do this via a separate card with a hard limit. It can also be a good practice to see how well they can book accommodations on a set budget. 

2. Contacting brands for events or collabs. Having a Distant Assistant with good communication skills is a plus when communicating with brands for projects, events, or collabs. It can even give you an advantage if you look organized and easy to get a hold of via your assistant.

3. Access to affiliate log-ins.  If a Distant Assistant has the influencer’s affiliate log-ins, they also have access to their earnings section. You can limit their access to your credentials by setting up password management apps like LastPass and the like. 

Keep in mind that it’s still a good thing not to hand over actual banking information. Even if the assistant is trustworthy, maintaining some level of confidentiality is still a good practice. Banking information and credentials to personal accounts should not be disclosed.


Distant Assistants are Essential to An Influencer’s Online Growth

Hopla gives good insight on how a remote personal assistant contributes to the influencer. The assistant organizes emails, giving the influencer some breathing space. Appointments are set up, whether in person or via an online platform.

The influencer and the distant assistant can also collaborate on marketing and handling sponsors. That said, the influencer mustn’t dump everything on their assistant. There’s only so much a person can handle, and having too much on one’s plate can be overwhelming.

A distant assistant who can do everything for the influencer is admirable. Yet it is good to remember that a jack of all trades is a master of none, thus best to hand off only the essential tasks that they are equipped to do.

Different people are employed for various purposes. Accountants are for financial tasks, graphic editors for graphic content creation, and so forth.

It is beneficial for an influencer to have an assistant. But a tired Distant Assistant is no good. The influencer should be smart enough to recognize the tasks their assistant could do.

Do Influencers need a distant assistant
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