Finding Silver Linings During a Forced Slow Down | Cindy Pezza

Cindy Pezza: Finding Silver Linings During a Forced Slow Down

Cindy Pezza, President, CEO, lead podiatry consultant of
Pinnacle Practice Achievement shares her personal and professional
experience of finding silver linings amidst the recently forced pandemic
related slowdown.


Cindy Pezza began her career in specialty practice management in 2002, working in a multitude of capacities, and finally holding the position of office manager, in a successful podiatry practice in the South Shore area of Massachusetts. 

Years later, as President and CEO of Pinnacle Practice Achievement, Cindy continues to utilize her experience and expertise to promote development and implementation of structured systems and protocols in both administrative and clinical aspects of practice, consulting with physicians and staff to improve the quality of patient care while significantly increasing practice revenue. 

Cindy travels nationally as a speaker and program coordinator for state and national podiatric organizations, provides private office consulting to established and start-up practices, offers online subscription programs, lectures on practice management related topics to future podiatrists at Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine, serves as Chief Operating Officer for Podiatric Super Group Management, and composes frequent articles and responses for podiatric journals and publications. 

Cindy was honored with a lifetime achievement award in 2020, inducting her as the 14th non-podiatrist into the Podiatry Management Hall of Fame. At home, Cindy enjoys spending time with family and friends, participating as both student and instructor in yoga and barre classes and spoiling her rescue dogs.

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