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Tim Brennan: Finding Your Right Next Thing

Are you an employer who is looking to find the right people for your company? Or are you someone who is looking for the best company that will fit your working style? Look no further, because we got you covered as today Tim Brennan, the Chief Visionary Officer of Fit First Technologies International Inc., joins Jamie Jay at Live with Bottleneck to discuss how you can find your next right thing. 

Fitting the Right People

Have you ever wondered what are the ideal qualities you want to have when hiring new staff? Getting new people can be a hit or miss, as most applicants can come in with an explosive resume, with a good working experience, yet ends up just not performing and eventually being just another passenger in the company.

Tim Brennan points out the three main qualities you want to look for when hiring new people.

“Three things that they can go and measure for right now, learns quickly and doesn’t get bogged down with the wrong details, takes personal accountability or responsibility for their own actions and has a sense of humor and knows how to use it appropriately in the workplace to defuse stress in conflict while gaining the commitment of others.” – Tim Brennan

Getting the Right Information

Finding the right fit of people for your company all leads to one crucial matter: getting the right information beforehand. Tim further discusses its importance in finding that next rockstar who will have high levels of integrity, reliability, and work ethics. Ideally, this person plays by the rules and keeps your office safe from bringing “bad influences” into your workplace.

“I truly believe that it all about FIT! If you fit this kind of work I’m going to be more than happy to invest in you, provide you training and the opportunity to get the experience because there’s a high probability you’re going to stay and I’m going to get a great ROI on that investment in training you. “ – Tim Brennan

Changing Times

Additionally, Tim points out how times are rapidly changing, especially now, as he shares one of the most beneficial, timely exercises you can do before you hire your next new team member. He further shares how you can take the time and take a look at where you should put your emphasis and energy. Specifically, he speaks about determining ‘what and how’ you would like your company to take its course.

“ Things are changing and they’re changing quickly in business. Take a
look at yourself and understand as much as you can about what it is that
makes you happy, what is really important to you, what do you value? Time is now to take the time that we never really have time to focus on what matters most to you and your business. “ – Tim Brennan

To learn more about how you can find your right next thing, and for more information about Tim, watch this episode.


Tim inspires organizations to change their hiring process so they can get better results through the use of assessment tools. 

With more than 25 years of business, management, and human resources experience, Tim has become known for delivering bold fresh ideas to executives, managers, and human resource professionals on how they can find, hire and keep the right people and improve their bottom line. 

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