Generating Scalable Growth Through People, Planning, and Process | Daniel Paulson


Generating Scalable Growth Through People, Planning, and Process | Daniel Paulson

For this episode of Live with Bottleneck, Daniel Paulson joins us to discuss how people, planning, and processes can contribute to a company’s growth. He is the CEO of Invision Business Development and has been in the industry for 15 years. He shares tips for business growth and hopefully, you will find nuggets of wisdom for your own enterprise.       

Find the Right People

Daniel shares that he started his business to help other entrepreneurs advance to the next level. He says that combining good systems with the right people, culture, and environment leads to further business growth. He adds that it is in this aspect that his company is able to assist business owners. 

“Systems and processes work great if you don’t have the people doing the right things or they’re not following those procedures. That becomes a huge issue. Also, those people that do the work every day often know the things that need to be fixed. They just need to be empowered to do it and that’s where I really work.” – Daniel Paulson 

Realize and Face Your Problem

Daniel says that most of the business owners have established their businesses all on their own. He shares that owners often lose their work-life balance which results in burn out and loss of passion. He adds that when these owners can no longer handle things, the work quality diminishes. Daniel emphasizes that it is important for entrepreneurs to also check on themselves.

“Technology allows us to do that. The people we have around us allow us to do that. But first, we have to realize that we are the center of that problem. Until we break down or understand that we need to make those changes, it’s going to be very hard to make that happen.” – Daniel Paulson

Creating Sustainable Processes 

Daniel discusses that systems and processes are the lifeblood of any business. He says that they provide consistency in customer experience and create longevity in the business.  He adds that the outline of the process can initially be basic and may be improved by the first – hire employees.   

“When we’re in more of a relaxed intellectual state,  we can start questioning things and working through dialogue and figuring out how to improve. That’s what we have to look at whenever it comes down to how you lay out the process and what are some tools you can use.” – David Paulson  

To know more about  how to generate scalable growth through people, planning, and process and for more information about David Paulson, watch this episode. 


Dan Paulson is an accomplished international speaker, author, facilitator and coach. Throughout his career, Dan has developed a passion for helping leaders find ways to grow business while improving the experience for both employees and customers. He combines deep, on-the-ground, corporate experience with the evolving wisdom of current business trends, to facilitate the most successful, adaptable and innovative work environments possible. 

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