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On this special episode of Live with Bottleneck, we will be talking to Boris Kievsky about helping nonprofits increase their impact with digital resources. He will be talking about the various technologies that nonprofits can use to advertise themselves and their services. In the digital age, most of these technologies are free, and Boris finds that it’s the best and cheapest way to do marketing and fundraising.

Boris Kievsky is a storyteller, a digital strategist, and an entrepreneur. He helps nonprofits use storytelling and technology without having to maximize and over-expend their resources.

If you’re interested to know how nonprofits can increase their impact using digital resources, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is Boris Kievsky?

Boris started programming computers and working with online networks when he was 10 years old. He fell in love with the power of technology to communicate and create communities.

When he started college, he focused on theater and film, and he harnessed the power of storytelling to change lives. He also used to play the occasional Russian bad guy on TV and in some movies.

Boris has been combining his love of technology and storytelling, and applying them to helping nonprofits. He has since then created dotOrgStrategy to do so.

How Technology Can Help Nonprofit Organizations

Boris Kievsky says that nonprofits have a harder time breaking through the noise. Often they’d have to spend money on adsense to get their message across to their selected audiences.

He says that nonprofits often experience the uncertainty of whether their message would get to their target audience. More often than not, the message reaches the audience that it is not intended for. Nonprofits waste a lot of money on this, and there’s no way of telling if anyone will take action and respond to their message.

Boris says that his skill in storytelling is what helped him figure out how to help nonprofits. 

“I had to figure out what skills I had that I could bring to bear for public good. I’ve always wanted to make a positive impact on the world.” – Boris Kievsky 

Bringing together the elements of a compelling story that takes people on a journey is what made him combine his love of technology and storytelling.

Boris encourages nonprofits to get their message to their intended audience by telling a story. He makes it so the story is relatable to everyone, from children to elders, so that everyone listens. He streamlines the concept of storytelling so it doesn’t get overwhelming to the point that nobody would listen.

Technology and Storytelling to Make Compelling Media

Boris explains that there are core elements that are pertinent to any story. To make a really compelling statement to a target audience, a story must elicit trust.

He teaches nonprofits to create a compelling story without stretching their resources. The way to do this is that nonprofits must capture their stories so that their comms team do not have to generate them all the time.

For more information on how nonprofits can utilize technology to tell their story and create an impact, continue listening to this episode.


A storyteller, digital strategist, and entrepreneur, Boris Kievsky created dotOrgStrategy to help nonprofits effectively use story and technology to increase their impact without over-stretching their resources.

Boris began programming computers and working with online networks at age 10, falling in love with the power of tech to both communicate and create communities. In college, he switched focus to theater and film, which taught him the power of storytelling to change lives (and taught his parents a lot of patience). In 2010, Boris retired from playing the occasional Russian bad guy on TV.

Since then, Boris has been combining his love of tech & story, applying them towards helping nonprofits create more heroes through digital media, marketing, and fundraising.

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