How a Distant Assistant Helps Your Business Grow


How a Distant Assistant Helps Your Business Grow

Most business owners and managers know how a personal assistant can greatly help in managing their business matters and affairs efficiently. Having a dedicated assistant at your side to manage your daily administrative tasks gives you time to focus on other important aspects of your business. Yet the concept of having a distant assistant, otherwise defined as a personal assistant who works remotely, is still a foreign idea to some people. 

As remote workforce quickly becomes the norm for some businesses, the idea of a remote-based personal assistant is also gaining traction. With huge chunks of companies going remote, it’s imperative to have someone coordinate between certain teams and consolidate information for managers and CEOs. Today, we’re spotlighting our client Mark who took the leap of faith and grew his company by hiring a distant assistant. Read on to discover how you can relate to Mark and overcome obstacles in your business too.

Meet a Digital Marketing Professional, Mark

Mark is a Managing Partner in a Digital Marketing firm. He likes to keep up with marketing trends and strategies, which keeps the company in the forefront of the competition. He consistently analyzes current trends and potential shifts in the market to prepare and plan for the future.

How a Distant Assistant Helps Your Business Grow

But lately he’s unable to set aside time to do his usual research and analysis, as new projects are coming in. This is in addition to his entire team going remote due to the current situation, and adjustments are still ongoing by both the management and the workforce. 

Mark figured that if he wanted tasks done and still stay on top of his game, he needs to delegate his other tasks to someone. But none of the people in his current team has the bandwidth to do them, and they don’t exactly have the training for it. What should Mark do? 

How a Distant Assistant Helps Your Business Grow

Mark Hires a Distant Assistant

Mark recently discovered that his friend Mary hired a distant assistant. Not completely familiar with the term, he asked Mary what it entails, and her experience with having one. It turns out that a distant assistant is what Mark needs as well. Not only could he delegate his administrative tasks to one, a distant assistant can also coordinate the team for him.

Stoked on the idea, he asked Mary how to hire one. Mary recommended looking for a company like Bottleneck Distant Assistants, who can source a dedicated distant assistant according to their need. After making an inquiry, Mark learned more about how having a distant assistant works. He was able to clarify some of his assumptions and misconceptions, and work with Bottleneck to make sure the distant assistant he gets fits his standards. 

How a Distant Assistant Helps Your Business Grow

One of the most common misconceptions about hiring a distant assistant, or a personal assistant for that matter, is that they come ready to hit the floor running at all times. While there are some who have prior experience and can do so to a certain extent, it is still important to train your assistant. It may take some time for them to get familiar with your business’ workflow and procedures, but it is best to learn the ropes now than commit the same basic mistakes repeatedly later on. 

How Hiring a Distant Assistant has Increased Mark’s Performance

Mark then sets to training his new distant assistant to do his administrative tasks. At first, he only had the assistant handle simple tasks, but as time went on, he gradually delegated most of his low-level tasks to his distant assistant. The trainings and clarifications have also become less frequent, and he would only train them if the assistant will take on a new task. All of this was due to Mark taking the time to initially train his distant assistant. He provided clear instructions and not assumed that his assistant knows what he wanted done.

How a Distant Assistant Helps Your Business Grow

Eventually, he also hired another distant assistant to manage some of his projects and coordinate the team for him. Mark now focuses on researching new concepts and building better networks with potential clients and other marketing companies. Of course, he leaves the scheduling of those networking meetings and events to his dedicated distant assistant. 

While he is still as busy as ever, Mark’s focus is now on growing his business. 

How does Mark’s story apply to you? Would you also like to focus on growing your business like Mark? Schedule a free consultation today with Bottleneck Distant Assistants, so we can find you a dedicated distant assistant that suits your need. Stop letting your job get in the way of doing your best work. Contact Bottleneck Distant Assistants today and see how we can work on helping make your business grow.

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