How Distributed Workforces are Thriving in a Post COVID-19 World | A Week In Review


Bottleneck Virtual Assistants Founder Jaime Jay and COO Sara wrap the events of the past seven days into a capsule of amazing ideas for you. This week, Jaime and Sara share how their “Dedicated Distant Assistant” concept was conceived. They also share tips on how this concept can help you in your business. 

Redesign and Restructure

Jaime and Sara share that Covid-19 slowed down their business, just like any other business in the world. Given the situation, the couple opted to maximize the downtime during this pandemic to rethink their business plan and streamline other life aspects. Jaime says that this gave them an opportunity to start a new business and introduced “Dedicated Distant Assistants.”  

“Going through this struggle, we’ve determined that you can’t use Covid-19 as an excuse. You’ve got to crawl out. The economy will come back, it will be stronger than ever.” – Sara Knox

Know Your Staff’s Strength 

Jaime emphasizes that finding the people to share beliefs with is valuable to their company’s success. They decided to play with the strength of their staff in growing their company. Sara says that it is important to put them where they feel fulfilled. 

The couple reveals that this is where the idea of “Dedicated Distant Assistants” came to being. 

“If you can find somebody that shares a similar belief system, similar core values, understands the mission, and is thriving to achieve the goals and the objectives assigned with that mission, then they also see where the company is headed.” – Jaime Jay

Distributed Workforce 

Jaime explains the concept of Distributed Workforce as a group of remote workers working at their homes. He says that this type of workforce will thrive in a “post-Covid-19” world. Since workers are staying in their homes. Risks will be lessened while the potential is maximized. 

“We have taken this challenge that is Covid-19 and embraced the positivity so that we’ll be in that top ten percent coming around the end.” – Jaime Jay

To know more about how distributed workforces are thriving in a post COVID-19 world, watch this episode. 

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