How Medical Distant Assistants Can Help You in Your Practice | Dr. David Laurino

Bottleneck Medical Virtual Services co-founder Dr. David Laurino joins us on today’s session of Live With Bottleneck. He shares tips on how outsourcing can help physicians in their practice and how virtual assistance works in the field of medicine.   

Outsourcing is Key 

David shares that administrative works such as charting progress notes are eating most of the time of doctors. Further, he says that this task consumes time which can be focused on patient care. This is one of the reasons why he co-founded Bottleneck Medical Virtual Services. He says that this system helps podiatrists and other physicians outsource administrative work. 

“The critical factor is giving them back time, energy, and ultimately more money in their practices.” – Dr. David Laurino 

Patient Information Confidentiality    

When asked about government compliance about patient information, David answers that they always make sure that their distant assistants are government certified. He adds that they always check if their software for Health Information Portability Protection Act (HIPPA) is up to date. He also explains that Bottleneck Medical Virtual Services ensures proper compliance with other aspects of HIPPA. 

“Within our businesses, it’s not that uncommon to find rogue employees who can create tremendous amounts of damage internally within your practice. I think the safeguards need to be on both sides, internally as well as externally.” – Dr. David Laurino 

Ease Out Processes

David shares that Bottleneck Medical Virtual Services helps not only the doctors but also the patients. He explains that with the innovations introduced, the waiting time and insurance verifications of patients are eased up. David says that these people can verify insurance information to prevent losses due to filing mix-up.    

“These individuals are this new patient coordinator position. We’re considering having the virtual assistants do a lot of that work for us on the front end. They’re sitting in the system before we ever see the patient. Then we can make a good educated decision as to which direction we want to go as far as services and/or treatment are concerned for those patients.” – Dr. David Laurino 

To know more about how distant assistants works in the practice of medicine and for more information on Dr. David Laurino, watch this episode. 


Dr. David Laurino, is co-founder and managing partner of Bottleneck Medical Virtual Services, founder and CEO of the Podiatry Success Institute and host of the Podiatry Success Institute Business Podcast.

He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development and manages a multi-doctor, multi-location medical practice. 

Dr. Laurino has learned through nearly 20 years of professional experience that growth is largely dependent on strategic delegation.

He works with physicians looking to grow their practices, improve efficiency and ultimately work smarter, not harder.

Additionally, he credits much of his success to the roadblocks he has faced as he viewed each as an opportunity for improvement. He is dedicated to building a successful practice and living an epic life. 

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