How Seniors and their Families can safely make a move NOW amidst COVID-19 | Shelby Reed

Shelby Reed, co-owner of Senior Living Experience, joins us today on Live With Bottleneck. She shares tips on the lifestyle transitions of seniors who are moving to their retirement communities during this pandemic. This episode is particularly helpful for seniors who require special attention and are considering senior care.

Deciding to Make the Move 

The Seniors themselves or their family members reach out to the nursing homes. Shelby adds that this often happens when the senior’s health declines since they would need special care and resources. 

“They want to go through this downsize and transition and get into a senior living community. They want to maintain their independence but at some point, they are going to need that extra help.” – Shelby Reed 

Effect of the Pandemic 

Shelby shares that she saw a slowdown in their business upon the release of the Stay At Home Order of the local government. However, she adds that they are still working with potential new residents, especially those who need a different level of care. She reveals that moving to a community right now involves a whole new kind of adjustment. 

“The reality is when you move into a community right now, they’re doing everything they can to keep themselves and all the people in their community as safe as possible. When these people are moving in, they are going to run the risk of not being able to have their family and visitors come and stop by and talk with them like they’re used to doing.” – Shelby Reed

Coping Measures

Shelby advises that one of the coping measures to these changes is to reach out to the seniors in communities.  She says that more and more seniors are embracing technology just to talk to their families and loved ones. 

“You’d be surprised how many of these seniors are open to this technology shift because of the need that we are under. Just reach out if you have a senior that’s already in a community. You know, they’re really struggling just like everyone is with not being able to see their loved ones and worrying about what’s gonna happen.” – Shelby Reed 

To know more about how seniors and their families can safely make a move during this pandemic  and for more information about Shelby Reed, watch this episode.


Shelby and her Senior Living Experience team specialize in home sales, downsizing, and lifestyle transitions for seniors. Working with a team of experts from a variety of fields that touch on every aspect of the transition process, she brings specialized knowledge and expertise in counseling clients through lifestyle transitions involved in relocating and selling their homes in the most advantageous approach possible.

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