How To 10X The Right Way: Systems, Processes, Management, Culture with Jordan Ross


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On today’s Live with Bottleneck, our guest Jordan Ross shares how you can scale your business the right way. We’ll cover multiple aspects of a business, such as systems, processes, management, and culture.

Jordan Ross is the Founder and CEO of 8 Figure Agency, a company that helps service-based businesses scale by focusing on improving their systems, processes, management, and culture. Today, 8 Figure Agency works with more than 40 businesses, by helping them break through their bottlenecks and reach the next level.

So if you are interested in learning how to scale your business properly, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is Jordan Ross?

Even as he was an undergrad back in Ohio state, Jordan Ross had the intention of eventually running and managing his own business. So when he worked at Amazon, he learned all that he can about operations and how they managed their systems and processes.

“I went to Amazon with the only intention of learning how to run operations with the best. Because in my head, If l learn how to manage, operate, and lead, I can figure out the marketing, sales, and finances. But I feel like there’s a reason why Amazon is Amazon.” – Jordan Ross

Helping Others Achieve Their Goals

By the time Jordan left Amazon, he discovered that he had the passion for helping others. Given what he has just learned and experienced, he knew how he could be of help to others.

“I just have this ability, almost like an engineer, to be able to see how everything connects in my head. And when I left amazon, I started working with entrepreneurs to help them scale right.” – Jordan Ross

According to Jordan, the number one thing entrepreneurs struggle with is either sales, marketing, or actually running a business efficiently. Most of them who are just starting up don’t know how to manage people, how to hold people accountable, or how to retain their employees. All of this things, Jordan has already learned and know.

Now, Jordan Ross and his company, 8 Figure Agency, are helping more than 40 companies with managing their business, and have great success doing so.

Jordan Ross’ Motivations for 8 Figure Agency

While he was doing his thing as an entrepreneur in disguise at Amazon, he realized that he was really great with communicating and building good relationships with people. With that in mind, he decided that whatever his business will be after quitting Amazon, it will focus on people.

So as he honed his skills on processes, management, and operations, he also developed his communication and interpersonal skills. He went through different types of coaching and training, and came out the other side as a professional that wants to share his knowledge with other entrepreneurs and business owners.

To hear more from Jordan Ross and how you can scale your business the right way, continue listening to this episode.


Jordan Ross is the Founder and CEO of 8 Figure Agency, a business that helps service-based businesses scale by focusing on improving systems, processes, management, and culture.

Jordan broke into the operations world at Amazon where, by the age of 24, was managing a site with 800 employees and grew the P&L from 50M in annualized revenue to 60M in 12 months.

Today, 8 Figure Agency works with more than 40 businesses, guiding them along their journey to ensure they are able to scale with speed.

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