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On this episode of Live with Bottleneck, our guest Michelle Moore talks about how your business can turn the team’s attention and focus into an advantage in your market or category.

Michelle Moore and the team at MindEQuity work with groups of consultants, advisors, innovators, IT professionals, HR leaders, lawyers, engineers, and others to design work keeping in mind all 5 elements impacting attention.

So if you want to improve productivity and results at the office while keeping your team bright-eyed and happy, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is Michelle Moore?

 Michelle has been doing performance improvement consulting for about 28 years. She started her career in Houston, Texas. Michelle funded her MBA by working at a space tech company, which helped grow her relationship with technology and everything to do with it.

Michelle then moved into the consulting world, in which she eventually became an equity partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers. She worked in a sort of intersection of performance improvement, but also technology-driven performance improvement.

“I was always fascinated with this – “what is our relationship with tech? What is our relationship with ourselves and other people?” and that all together. So in summary, my career has really been about performance improvement using technology-driven tools, and exploring the culture change.” – Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore on MindEquity

The conversation then turns to Michelle’s company, MindEquity.

“So the name MindEquity emerged in a brainstorming session with my daughter in a car, driving her to some activity back in 2014. I was trying to find a way to express in terms of a brand on how do we invest in the capital that is both sides of the brain, the left and the right side. So this idea of Equity being like an investment in the mind, and then how we also train the mind: the mind that’s in the head, and the one in the gut. How do we train for optimal performance improvement? And that name just popped up when we were shouting out words.” – Michelle Moore

For Michelle, the name captures the essence of what they are trying to do for companies and the people working for that company.

Why Keeping People’s Attention is Important

Michelle then explains why having people focus their attention is important for improvement, especially for people who work by using their brains every day.

“We all need a balance, a right balance between attention and distraction. But especially for knowledge workers, who are now faced in the last 10 years with the evolution of the smartphone, and now everything is exacerbated because we have uncertainty anxiety, and we have excessive zoom meetings. So distraction, I think, has just exponentially increased in the last 10 years, particularly in the last 18 months.” – Michelle Moore

What Michelle discovered is that given the current hybrid and remote office environments, that there are three major problems that teams are facing. These three problems need to be addressed sooner or later, or you risk having an inefficient team in your hands.

To learn more about Michelle Moore and how to avoid these problems with Attention and keep your team’s productivity high, continue listening to this episode.


Michelle Moore and the team at MindEQuity work with groups of consultants, advisors, innovators, IT professionals, HR leaders, lawyers, engineers, and others to design work keeping in mind all 5 elements impacting attention. Focus Better Journeys result in sustained value creation and market advantage. In addition to her work with MindEQuity, Michelle is a member of MIT’s Social Presencing teaching team, is featured in the 2020 Digital Wellness Report, and speaks at MacKay CEO Forums and McGill University.

In this world of distraction, we face decreased effectiveness and energy. Begin to sustain value creation without sacrificing wellbeing, as a leader and with your teams. As a seasoned Big 4 consultant in tech-driven change and awareness-based transformation, Michelle Natalya Moore has a refreshingly unique approach. She brings a holistic work design strategy, then supercharges it with MIT’s wisdom practices so teams can focus better. A consultant, teacher, and speaker, Michelle helps you and your teams create more value in half the time with the right work design.

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