How to Build a Blueprint for Authentic Growth that will Amplify Every Area of Your Life that Matters | Dr. Andy Garrett

We have Dr. Andy Garrett today, to talk about how important authenticity is in your life and your business. He’s also here to talk about some of the factors that will lead to holistic success. Dr. Andy is a licensed psychologist and life coach, so he is the perfect person to talk about today’s topic.

Defining Authenticity

Jaime says that “authenticity” is one of the buzzwords that a lot of people throw around without truly knowing what it means. Dr. Andy defines authenticity as establishing inner clarity and inner harmony. He also says that when you understand what motivates you, you recognize your core values to become the person that you want to be.

“When you establish authenticity, it’s like developing a psychological and spiritual alignment where you suddenly have radical clarity for what you want and to do your purpose. You just show up right that starts to manifest in your relationships, your business, and your work.” – Dr. Andy Garrett

Knowing Your Core Values

Dr. Andy states that authentic identity is about defining your core values. He says that it is important to use your core values as a filter for your decisions. Additionally, he says that it is also an essential part to define your business as it can have a positive impact on your life and your business.

“Simple daily core value alignment exercises are the most effective psychological intervention that’s ever been studied. That’s a pretty profound statement but, it’s been replicated, tested, and retested over and over again. And so, it shows how important it is to be in alignment with what matters to you and what’s important.” – Dr. Andy Garrett

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Dr. Andy Garrett responds to the questions asked by the audience regarding authenticity. Further, he shares an example of holistic success where you can be profitable and fulfilled with happiness at the same time. Lastly, he explains the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset:

“A growth mindset is correlated with all kinds of positive outcomes from a better quality of life to greater success, whereas a fixed mindset tends to create a lot of perfectionism.” – Dr. Andy Garrett

To know more about How to Build a Blueprint for Authentic Growth that will Amplify Every Area of Your Life that Matters and Dr. Andy Garrett, watch this episode.


A licensed psychologist and life coach, Dr. Andy Garrett invested decades of his life into understanding and codifying the intuitive spiritual essence of authenticity into an organized, research-backed, defined, and modulated personal growth course – Your Authentic Growth Blueprint.

Having deconstructed the mindset, character, and daily practices of several Authentic Exemplars – Dr. Andy has established a model of Authenticity that can be taught, coached, practiced, and refined – so that you can experience holistic success – showing up as the best version of yourself with the people and causes that matter most.

Dr. Garrett resides with his wife and two children in Newport Beach, California, where he coaches and counsels influential business and spiritual leaders.

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