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Delegating contributes a lot to any business because it makes everything faster and easier. Ashlee Berghoff is here with us today to talk about how to delegate effectively. She is the founder of A Squared Online, a team that helps entrepreneurs to turn into CEOs. Ashlee and her team provide helpful strategic plans about using systems and how to build a team.

The Power of Systems

Ashlee gives out more information about her, how and why she started A Squared Online.  She shares that she still manages to balance her time for work and for her daughter. Jaime then asks her about what she believes in the power of systems, processes, and workflows.

“We recognize how powerful they are. We recognize what impact they have on what actually happens. It’s the system that decides what happens and what we want until it gets baked into the system. When we learn how to harness and channel the systems inside and around us, that’s where we can really build the business that we want.” – Ashlee Berghoff

Making Delegation Process Effective

Jaime asks how Ashlee makes the delegation process effective. She says capturing systems eliminate friction points to make a lot of things easier and faster before handing off work. She also says that communication is required to learn how to delegate effectively. This holds true now that virtual communication plays an essential role in business.

“It’s just a basic way to set up from the very beginning to make sure you know what’s going on, can communicate effectively, and help the assistant keep up with the various things that you’re sending their way.”  – Ashlee Berghoff

When and What to Delegate

Jaime asks Ashlee when is a good time to start planning for delegation and how she knows what she can delegate. Ashlee explains that there isn’t time in your business where it’s too soon to hire someone because you can build a relationship anytime. She also says that it’s a natural mindset for entrepreneurs to think that their time is free, so she exercises calculating hourly rate with her clients.

“I have a sticky note on my computer that says, “Always ask if someone else can do this.” like is this something someone else can do and, if the answer is yes, then it should be something someone else does.” -Ashlee Berghoff

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Ashlee Berghoff, MBA, is the founder of A Squared Online. Her team of systems strategists turns creative entrepreneurs into CEOs by helping them take clear and focused action, implement time-saving systems, and delegate effectively. As her clients become more effective and productive, they can cut out the noise, experience real momentum, and confidently channel their time and energy into the things that matter most to them. Ashlee is the author of Eureka Results: How Entrepreneurs Can Turn Their Best Ideas Into Reality, which will be published by New Degree Press in April of 2021. She has been featured on the Copywriter Club Podcast, Reigniting Main Street, and Copy Chief Radio.

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