How to Handle People Whose Work and Thinking Styles are Different From Your Own with Dr. Jean Latting | Live with Bottleneck

On this episode of Live with Bottleneck, our guest Dr. Jean Latting talks about how to handle people whose work and thinking styles are different from yours. Dr. Latting acknowledges the fact that people have different brain waves and work styles. She also says that having different work and thinking styles in a workplace can contribute greatly to its diversity.

Dr. Jean Latting is the President of Leading Consciously, LLC. She is also Professor Emerita at the Graduate College of Social Work at the University of Houston.

If you’re a leader, a manager, or a regular employee and you’re interested to know how to deal with colleagues who have different work and thinking styles, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is Dr. Jean Latting?

Dr. Latting is the president of Leading Consciously, LLC, and Professor Emerita at the University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work. She is a lot of things, including consultant, researcher, and educator.

Dr. Jean Latting focuses on leadership in organizations that are multicultural and diverse. Through Leading Consciously, she helps individuals and organizations create resilient, sustainable, multicultural, and diverse settings.

She is also the author of a book called How To Deal With Workplace Dynamics, Influence Others, And Bring People Together To Initiate Positive Change.

Dealing With A Multicultural Workplace

Diversity is fast-developing in several workplaces around the world now. People of color, of different ethnicities, cultures, and beliefs are now welcome in a lot of companies.

However, if a company is a melting pot of cultures, it can create quite the confusion. It would be up to leaders to handle differences that may arise due to cultural disparities. There could be opposing political views that could cause quite the ruckus. It could be a difference in religion, spirituality, or faith.

Leaders should be able to distinguish multicultural differences in the workplace. They should also have steps on how to approach it, and even then have solutions prepared to avoid confrontations in the workplace.

Handling People With Work and Thinking Styles

Having diverse work ethics and thinking styles come with the cultural background, and we cannot discount that. According to Dr. Latting, there are several underlying layers, and a leader should be able to identify these multitudinous layers and allow each to co-exist in a given space.

A leader should have a deeper understanding of how each employee is and what kind of work style and thinking style they have. Employees should also be able to identify that some of their colleagues do not share their work and thinking style.

Having an avenue to speak and express oneself is the best approach to handling diverse work and thinking styles. Employees and leaders alike can vocalize their style and express how they want to be treated.

For more information on how to handle people with different work and thinking styles, continue listening to this episode.


Dr. Jean Latting is the President of Leading Consciously, LLC, and Professor Emerita at the Graduate College of Social Work (GCSW), University of Houston. 

As a consultant, researcher, and educator, Jean focuses on leadership in multicultural and diverse organizations. Through her organization, Leading Consciously, Jean helps individuals and organizations create resilient, sustainable, multicultural, and diverse settings.

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