How to Have a Successful Business and a Happy Marriage | Justin & Kristen Deese


Justin & Kristen Deese: How to Have a Successful Business AND a Happy Marriage

Spouses Justin and Kristen Deese join us on today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck. They are successful owners of four home service businesses. They also work as business coaches and authors. Justin and Kristen share tips on how to successfully manage a business with your spouse while maintaining a happy marriage. 

Make Working With Each Other Work

Justin and Kristen share that one of their early struggles as a married couple is appreciating their differences. They discuss that they owned up to their differences instead of trying to be good in something that they are not.  

“Working together in complementing areas is a challenge. Once we figured it out, we saw a quick difference in our business that’s amazing.” – Justin Deese

Define Your Own Lane     

The couple says that they structured their lanes according to their different geniuses. Kristen adds that if there are things that they both cannot do, they outsource it. However, Justin shares that they also try to do other things outside their lanes to maintain their own genius.   

“If I can spend my time doing the things that I love to do in the business and he can spend the time doing the things that he loves to do, then we’re both happier which is good for the business and the marriage.” – Kristen Deese

Look Into Different Perspective

Kristen shares that whenever other couples who do not see things eye to eye come to them for advice, she often tells them to look into a different perspective. Justin also adds that communication also plays a big role. He explains that couples are often not far off from what each other wants. They just have a hard time knowing because nobody is listening. Justin and Kristen emphasizes that spouses that are working together have the same goal for the most part. 

“Seek to understand before being understood. Just the whole concept of we’re not trying to figure out who’s right or who’s wrong. Let’s just see if we can understand why the other person is feeling the way that they’re feeling.” – Justin Deese

To know more about having a successful business and happy marriage with your spouse, and for more information about Justin and Kristen Deese, watch this episode. 


Kristen Deese is a Business Coach and Certified Behavioral Consultant who helps businesses grow by strengthening the ‘behind the scenes’ framework and communication strategies within the organization. All too often business owners are investing countless hours in their business but can’t quite seem to reap the rewards they imagined when dreaming of owning their own business in the first place. ⁣

⁣Justin Deese is a business strategist, visionary, and self-made entrepreneur. He simultaneously built three flourishing in-home service companies in multiple states, is a certified E-Myth Business Coach, and is an expert at helping fellow business owners structure and manage their companies for maximum profitability. Justin has extensive working knowledge regarding all aspects of operating a successful business and has helped numerous business owners revitalize their companies. 

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