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Agnes Bilik

For today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck, we get the opportunity to speak with Agnes Bilik, the founder of Raw & Real Media. Her company helps coaches and entrepreneurs share their message, grow their audience, and get organic leads through podcast guest appearances. She made it her personal mission to show a more “raw & real” perspective of life  through her podcast.

Together with Jaime, they discuss how to maximize and attain ROI as a podcast guest.

Empowered Through Conversation

Agnes’s interest in networking and entrepreneurship came from vulnerable conversations and true connections with people. Agnes ended up creating her own podcast due to these empowering conversations that she had.

“When people open up and share their true thoughts, and what they were going through, that totally changed my perspective of myself.” – Agnes Bilik

Podcasting As A Selling Platform

Agnes talks about the misconception of the word ‘sales’. ‘Sales’ is a means of growth in the business. It is an opportunity to educate someone and help them make a decision based on information.

Further, she talks about how storytelling plays a powerful role in selling when it comes to podcast guesting. These stories that help resonate with the client’s soul and help relate to the pain points in their lives. 

“Generally speaking, I like buying products that are going to help me. I don’t see that as a bad thing if someone tries to sell me a service that will improve my life. Podcasting makes it definitely easier because you get to tell stories and in the end, that’s the most powerful thing. ” –  Agnes Bilik

ROI Through Podcast Guesting

The easiest thing about focusing on ROI is to think about collaboration. Moreover, she reminds us to focus and build good relationships with the host. This is an effective strategy to enable leads out of podcast interviews.

“I think the easiest thing about focusing an ROI on podcast guesting is to think about who you want to collaborate with. To think strategically on who’s connected to a lot of people who can help you advance.” – Agnes Bilik

To learn more about how you can maximize ROI as a podcast guest, watch this episode. 


After working as a corporate recruiter and feeling stuck in a company that was micromanaging its employees, Agnes decided to go back to university and pursue a Master’s degree.

In the course of her thesis, she started interviewing entrepreneurs about how the fear of failure influenced them in their decision making.

Listening to diverse entrepreneurs talking about their doubts and insecurities really empowered her and changed her perspective of what is possible.

Since then, she made it her mission to show a more “raw & real” perspective of what is going on through her podcast.

She started Raw & Real Media, a company that helps coaches and entrepreneurs to share their message, grow their audience, and get organic leads through podcast guest appearances.

Connect with Agnes! 

Website: The Raw and Real Media

LinkedIn: in/agnesbilik

Instagram: @agnes.bilik


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